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April 10th, 2017, 01:12 PM
I want some advice for the better place to level up for my priest lvl 91. Recently someone advise me to go to the dark sanctuary since there are lots of undeads and since quantity is better than quality, specially when you are going solo.
My priest is tier 4 Celestial. (I hesitate for now to do the tier 5 arc angel because i may be to weak). Here are my stats.

Strength 90
Spirit 231
Talent 81
Agility 71
Health 81

My others stats depends on my equipment.

With my STAFF :
ATK POW 101-116


With my WAND :
ATK POW 66-80


And here are my lvl skills :
Meditation lvl 10
Divine lightning lvl 10
Vigor ball lvl 4
Virtual life lvl 10
Summon muspell lvl 10

Thanks a lot

April 11th, 2017, 04:04 AM
Go do your tier5. Most do them early in the 8x and mid. I did mine in the mid 8x and my friends priestess did it in the early 8x with a hp mixed wand i mixed for him because he could not beat hestian after a few tries and his equipment was aged to the most he could do with his level. With VL + 10 you got no worries and at 91 level you should have very little problems doing this quest. I used vigor ball to fight hestian and orb force plus VL + 10. If you need someone to tank while you fight some monsters give a shout on here or pm me i would gladly help you out. Doing the quest monsters is the most part but once you complete all the monsters it's only hestian and his summons you have to fight. But if you can't beat hestian don't quitt the quest or you will have to complete all those monsters again. This way you only have to go back in and fight hestian if you loose. But mostly everything i see looks good on your stats, you seem to know what you are doing there but with your 81 health and VL +10 you should be fine. There is an angle to fighting hestian when he summons help you can run quickly and evade them and continue to fight hestian. If you don't do your tier5 you will be stuck in low level maps trying to level and when you get your tier5 skills you can reset your stats and put more in your new Spirit Impact(SI) and your Ramiel Summons which are you two good tier5 skills. Devine lighting in 9x maps you cannot do with that skill. You can level decent in heart of perum and Ice1 and Ice2 once you get SI and that will be your main skill and you can get rid of all those stat points in devine lighting because you won't use that skill anymore so set it back to 1. Funny we priestess used devine lighting in heart of perum and ice1 and ice2 years ago and if you did that now you would be slow in leveling up but when you get your tier5 (SI) skill you will kill mobs super quick and you will see the difference when you will level quick with that skill. Hope this was helpful. Good Luck.:)

April 11th, 2017, 06:54 AM
So, i have to thank you for your advises. I redistributed all my stats point. So here are my stats now :

Strength 90
Spirit 232
Talent 90
Agility 80
Health 62

And with Virtual life, Summon Muspell and potions, i was able to beat Hestian. So i am an Arc Angel now. Tier 5 is done!

So now, like you said, i have difficulties about skill point distribution...

Like i said before, here are my skills levels :
Meditation lvl 10
Divine lightning lvl 10
Vigor ball lvl 4
Virtual life lvl 10
Summon muspell lvl 10

If i follow you correctly, you advise me to have :
Virtual life lvl 10
Vigor ball lvl 10
Spirit impact lvl 10
Ramiel summons lvl 10

But what about meditation? Summon muspell and Blessing Krishna?

And are you sure about Devine lightning? I know that it don't make lots of damages, but with this skill i can hit lots of monsters, and very quickly, not like the tier 4 skill Chain lightning...

Thanks for your advises

PS : to be more specific, i have 34 skill points for Tier 1 to 3 and i have 13 points for Tier 4 to 5

April 11th, 2017, 11:58 AM
Just to let you know...
I redistribute my SP and my EP this way :

Virtual life lvl 10
Vigor ball lvl 10
Meditation lvl 10
(i have 3 SP left. I dunno what skill to lvl up if Devine Lightning is not good)

Spirit impact lvl 6
Ramiel summons lvl 3
(i have 2 EP left. I can't lvl up more Spirit impact or Ramiel summons due to the level character restriction, since i am still lvl 91)

April 11th, 2017, 02:54 PM
Congrats on tier5. Sorry i had a long sleep and just woke up. Level meditation and blessing krishna when you can but leave some stats for leveling up SI when you start to level more that way you always have a skill point to put in there later. VL is better then blessing krishna sorry to say and it was suppose to give you god mode but the truth is that skill isn't very good. Just add points to krishna when you are satisfied with your other skills like SI and Ramiel are leveled decent enough. Level SI and Ramiel first. Yes i am sure about going back to level 1 on devine lighting. SI takes the place of that skill and is a killer in mobs more then devine lighting will ever be now. But as you level later on you can get devine lighting back up if you still like using it. But its not necessary anymore SI is a way better skill now and replaces devine lighting. You did very good on redistributing your skills and don't worry about if you have extra stat points now keep them and place them on something you like since we are all sort of unique and like having something different then others. As far as anything else you are looking good on stats and vigor ball level 10 is good. You can always tune up your stat points with the event girl when she is here if you see you can lower some stats and improve on others. I use vb skill to train my staffs and wands up leveling them when i age and is a good backup to kill some higher monsters and bc fun. Good Job and welcome to tier5 now you will love si and ramiel even more.:)

April 11th, 2017, 05:18 PM
No problem! i am glad to have some kind of advices.

Well... i tried my "new" arc angel with these stats and skills...
But i have to say that Spirit impact and ramiel cost a lot of mana!!! i just spell it a few time (in cursed temple floor 2) and i was out of mana. Same in railway of chaos...

I have found a spot in cursed temple floor 2 where i can fight and rest between fights... But i never saw a skill that cost many mana like this...

PS: im saying that because you cant buy mana potion (the blue one) in a shop... so it cost a lot in potion...

April 11th, 2017, 05:29 PM
At your level the best place to level is hs in heart of perum. The mobs there drop extreme pots of mana and you can farm mana after killing a big mob in there. Enough to replace and even gain what you lost if you keep farming after killing those mobs. When you get low it's a good place to farm mana and level at the same time. Also greedy lake hs is good for farming mana but exp would be lowsy there but the mana is what you want anyway. And you are welcome i really don't consider myself anyone of knowledge just some things i can share with you that i would do. I always like cursed temple and the hs there was a favorite of mine too. But if you can't handle the mobs in heart of perum go to railway of chaos first. And the hs there in the middle or go to either side of the area and level there and get some mana. I would try railway of chaos first and if you can do good there and get good there then go to heart of perum which you could level all the way to 100 level. Yeah SI does use alot of mana but as you increase your levels you will be stronger and mana will be less of a drain on you. Take care mate and have fun. Sorry i should have mentioned going to railway of chaos first but i am still waking up hehe and having some coffee does help. Both railway of chaos and heart of perum hs has very good mana drops and enough to keep you going until you run of out hp pots or stamina. Cya mate^^

April 11th, 2017, 05:51 PM
for now i really prefer to stay in cursed temple floor 2 as a solo priest... specially because i am out of mana very quickly. Even if i farm every mystic mana potion i found, it's a bit difficult in railway of chaos or heart of perum.And also in cursed temple floor 3... i tried... but i thought it was too hard for me. that's why i stayed in cursed temple floor 2

April 13th, 2017, 12:10 PM
Let me know when we can meet up. I got a lovely costume box that will give you 100 defense and 300 hp. You can wear this with your existing robe for boost. Mostly they only last 7 days but if i get lucky and open it up it might have a 30 day costume. You can then withstand going to railway of chaos. My gift to you for getting tier5 so quickly...I am on discord also if you are on that mostly then here. But i will check back or pm on notification above the forum. I will send you a friends request too so you can go on my page here and write me also. Maybe that would be better instead of going thru notifications. Cya...:o

P.S. I sent you a friends request. Look in your profile page for it.

April 17th, 2017, 11:48 AM
When you get the chance to redistribute your stat points, I recommend the following distribution:

Strength: required amount for prs spec gauntlets, usually 75-80 for 80D
Spirit: rest of stat points
Talent: required amount for wand or staff, this will be at most 81 until you hit lv 108
Agility: required amount for prs spec boots, this will be around 72-77
Health: you do not need to add points to health

I actually think prs survive quite well with VL in i2 with semi-aged gears. They changed the health formula such that adding spirit adds hp now too.

As for skills, I recommend saving your EP so you can max out SI at lv 98 and placing the rest on ramiel or krishna. Ramiel is better for lower levels, krishna is marginally better at higher levels. You do not need to invest any points in t4 skills.
For t1-t3 the important skills are med 10, vl 10, multispark 10 (or vigor ball), and grand healing 10 if you want. I would invest the sp in that order as well.

I would be happy to help as well.