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May 22nd, 2017, 01:46 AM
Trivern's army has invaded Eversun City and it is up to the players to fend off his forces and defeat him to protect the city! ...At least, for three hours until everything resets.

Many were curious about the Eversun Event that suddenly appeared on May 18th. Basically, it is a server-wide instance where players must defeat wave after wave of monsters (that respawn) to eventually summon three minibosses. Then players must defeat these bosses to summon Trivern, AKA Heretical Hydra, to get his teeth and exchange it for some chests!

The purpose of this guide is to teach players how to complete this instance at highest possible efficiencies.

We'll start off with wave triggers.

Monster Waves

What is a wave trigger? It's basically how you summon each wave of monsters.

Let's go by example: We have Red Fox as one of our default waves. To summon the higher wave, we need a total of 300 killed. Next we will have Fox. To summon the higher wave, we need to kill 150 Fox. That means we have our last wave, Phantom Fox.

All other mob types are the same. It's essentially:
-Skeleton Soldier > Skeleton Guard > Skeleton Fighter
-Spectral Servant > Hellkeeper of Souls > Hellkeeper
-Red Fox > Fox > Phantom Fox

Each wave is level 20, 35, and 50 respectively. It should also be noted that all Foxes are Fencers, all Hellkeepers are Blademasters, and all Skeletons are Martial Artists (to abuse the job multiplier titles you get from Life Quests). Every monster in this instance has abnormally high HP, so weaker players may want to team up to kill one at a time, or AoE mob them. However, weaker players may have to be more careful as the waves get stronger, because each wave mixes with the older, respawning waves.

Additionally, each new wave can spawn in more obscure locations as they mix together. The general location of each monster wave will be marked below. Some areas may lack mob density.

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

There should be players splitting up in each location to prevent fighting over spots as well as increasing the boss spawn rates. Waves can also be "resummoned", which can actually increase the amount of monsters in the instance.


Unlike our monster waves, which are spawned individually, the bosses can only be spawned together. This means at least 100 Phantom Foxes, 100 Hellkeepers, and 100 Skeleton Fighters need to be killed. Once that happens, we have to deal with a cutscene, followed by:
-Ren the Foxfire, the elegant one
-Cyclopean Stone, the burly one
-Skullsaber, the...sticks and stones one

All of them are level 60 with at least a million HP. Ren is a Thief, Cyclopean is a Mercenary, and Skullsaber is a Blademaster.

Their locations are shown during the cutscene, but in case you forget or don't want to watch it:
-Ren is at the Planetarium
-Cyclopean is at the Eversun South gate
-Skullsaber is at the Eversun North gate

The monster waves will still be present. Once these three bosses are killed, Trivern will appear in the middle of Eversun without a word, because the big scary monster thing can only communicate in roars. However, don't go attacking him right away, because he will be invulnerable to all attacks unless three stones are destroyed. The stones give him power and lower your field of view. Each stone is located where the three bosses were. All of them are level 40 Commoners with 1,000,000 HP and they persistently debuff all players within a certain range for 30 seconds.

Serpent Stone Poison - Poisons all players within range, for 1,000 HP per tick, located where Ren was. Remember that all poisons stack five times, so this one can actually be deadly. While it isn't stated in the game itself, this poison WILL convert any heals into damage. Detox is suggested. Can also use Poison Purifying Bug or an Energy Chilli. Unless it's Regeneration level 11, DO NOT HEAL AT THIS STONE.

Serpent Stone Seal - Silences all players within range, which prevents skill casts, located where Skullsaber was. Obviously attack speed DPS should be destroying this stone. You can also "cheat" this one using Skill Unsealing Bugs.

Serpent Stone Solid - Cancels all auto attacks within range, located where Cyclopean was. Obviously skill spam and magic DPS should be destroying this stone. You can also "cheat" this one using Attack Unsealing Bugs.

Once all stones are destroyed, you can go right on ahead and kill Trivern.

This Trivern is level 70 and is fire element with 7,136,500 HP. This HP is comparable to Tigerman, considered one of the easiest raid bosses in the game, but don't let that fool you. His HP regeneration is absolutely INSANE. Please use as much water attack as you can.

Since this is a server event, everyone inside should do what they can to damage him. Use dancer debuffs, Withered Earth, Water weapons, and any sources of Boss damage you have (Exiled title or a modded costume). Heck, if you have DoT skills, use them, even though DoT skills in this game are horrible. I would also highly recommend bringing Skill Unsealing Bugs for yourself or others, because Trivern loves to AoE skill mute people. And if you REALLY want to go niche, have someone with Crashing Waves (Fencer skill) in the team to use it so everyone gets some Water attack. Trivern shouldn't hurt too much to warrant Secrets of the Water Spirit over the Crashing Waves buff, unless you're that fragile.

Once he is defeated, pick up your Hydra Teeth! They will drop on the ground. Since your character has a slow pickup animation, ride a pet or transform into something so the pickup animation doesn't take as long. Don't think you can pick them up with an autoloot Vanity Pet, because that's disabled and you might crash from the sheer amount of teeth your pet attempts to pick up. You also get 10 Demon Blood for participating.

Now wait three hours later to do it again! 8D


Demon Blood, dropped from the monster waves (with a somewhat low rate especially from Red Foxes) and 10 from Trivern, can be exchanged for a Lucky Bag. You will need 50 blood for one. Lucky Bags contain some costume recipes and some forager fairies.

The Hydra Teeth can be exchanged for a Blue Treasure Chest (15 blood and 5 teeth) or an Old Treasure Chest (30 blood and 5 teeth). Blues have orange books for golding your gear as well as Scapegoat Dolls and uber pills. Olds have level 70 HLA pills (Haste for movement speed, Iron Power/Magic Stones for more patk/matk, Magic Accuracy for +30 magic accuracy, and MP Recovery for +70 MP recovery! All last for 1 hour) and advanced orange books.

Keep in mind you need to have talked to the Chief Detective to get the Dragon Death Decree to get anything. The instance must be completed to even redeem anything.


I can't really stop your behavior, but cooperation is the key to success here.

-Try not to be one of those people who simply wait for Trivern to spawn while inside the instance. That can be considered leeching. Plus, if there aren't a lot of people in there to begin with, it will take LONGER for Trivern to spawn (on a good run it can take an hour but one instance took at least two hours because some people were lazy -.-). So yeah. It's not a timer. It's effort. If you can't do much on your own, team up or get stronger! If you don't wanna be a social butterfly or get stronger for it, at least respect the people who are putting in effort to complete the instance. If you're not doing anything because literally all spots seem to be taken, ask to share. Besides, you'll get rewarded less if you don't help kill mobs (chests require blood and teeth, not just teeth now).

-Trivern is understandably strong, but if you're going to stand there and wait for teeth to drop, that also makes me respect you less. If you do both this and the above consistently, I may call you out on it. It's one thing if you try to help only to realize you may not be strong enough to survive his AoE attacks, but not doing a single thing and watching it die the whole time is another. Please do whatever you can, this is a server event. Leeching is just disrespectful. Just to clarify, this tip is more or less directed at people who have at least one job at around level 60 or above. If you are a low level, I can excuse you for this. Can maybe farm up more blood.

-If you have to kite Trivern, stop getting its aggro. Trivern also has a massive AoE slow down, so it can be hard to catch up to a kiter (and for you to kite in the first place). This also means it can move out of Withered Earth, making it take longer to kill. You may also be perceived as someone trying to take all the teeth for themselves. Don't try that. You can't solo it. Even if you can, you're going to take forever. You can't even pick up all the teeth before they disappear. Basically, kill it where it stands.

-Remember to not invade other people's killing areas too much, especially if you AoE.

All I'm asking here is to try your best.

Known Glitches/Bugs

Trivern may remain invincible even after all stones seemingly got destroyed. This can be solved in one of two ways:
-That's actually a second, glitched Trivern that spawns occasionally. The real one may be somewhere else or nearby.
-Wait it out for a while.

Players who use click to move will get crazy camera angles if they click to a location before a cutscene plays. Leave and come back if this happens.

Darkness may continue to persist even after all the serpent stones are destroyed. Seems to be rare. Darkness may not even happen at all. None of these are really game breaking.

Players may crash shortly after Trivern dies. This seems to occur when vanity pets are being summoned. The vanity is trying to pick up all the teeth but the game is rejecting that request (since vanity AL is disabled there). Since hundreds of teeth drop, the vanity gets overloaded with trying to pick them up when it can't, causing your client to overload and crash. The safest way to go about this is to not use vanities. If you're using sprites or unicorns, just set them to "Stay" as far away from Trivern as possible (Town Hall is ideal).


Thank you for reading and let's make sure we party hard every night! As always, if this helps you or even how smoothly this event goes, I'm glad.

May 23rd, 2017, 04:14 PM
Great guide, thank you!
The pictures are particularly helpful :o