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Thread: A guide to using our ticket system

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    Post A guide to using our ticket system

    Hello folks,

    As I hang out in game or on the forums, I see a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation get spread around about our ticket system and how it works.

    I will clear up a few things in this thread to hopefully give you a better understanding on how it works, why it sometimes takes so long to get a response, and what you can do to make using our system as painless as possible.



    If you don't already know, you can send us support tickets here:

    You can send us a ticket for any number of reasons such as reporting other players, missing items, if you're having trouble getting in game, if you want to recover an account, if your purchased Suba Points haven't appeared, etc.

    Please be sure to send your ticket to the appropriate department (just click on the game you play) and use the correct form. This is to reduce time wasted by GMs trying to figure out who should be dealing with it.

    These issues should ONLY be sent through the ticket system. If you ask a GM over forum PM or Facebook or in game to take care of an issue, we will just tell you to send a ticket.

    Please do not create a forum topic for a support issue unless you specifically want the input of other players or if it's an issue that affects all players.

    Reminder that discussing ticket issues or bans on the forum MAY result in a ban. This is for security reasons, and also to discourage cluttering up our forums.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST be logged in to properly submit a ticket. When we get a ticket from someone who is not logged in, it appears to be from a default login ID used by our system to denote this.

    We close these tickets on sight, since you will never get any reply we try to make and cannot support you properly that way. Please just make a new account, which takes seconds, and be sure to let us know that you are asking for support for a different account than the one you sent the ticket on.


    When we refer to a ticket being "in our system" this means that it can currently be found in the inbox for the appropriate section.

    Once a ticket is closed or replied to by us, it goes "out of our system" meaning that it won't show up again until it is responded to or we go looking for it.

    Sometimes, we encounter an issue in your ticket that will require more investigation.

    Often, this ticket will not be replied to in the meantime so it stays in our system. Please rest assured that a non-reply does not mean that we have not reviewed the ticket.

    If we reply to the ticket saying "it's being worked on" and then you don't reply back, it is now out of our system and it is easy to forget about unless we write down the ticket number somewhere.

    For your reference, if you would want to ensure that the ticket remains in the system, always reply to it by stating, "This is an unresolved issue" or some other message if we respond to it without resolving it or asking you a question. Please do not spam these replies though, as it will not help a thing.

    When we close a ticket, it means it cannot be replied to any longer by either party, and the ticket "leaves our system".

    Giving no reply to a ticket to keep it in our system is especially common for bug reports.

    One thing to note: we NEVER EVER send users an email directly. All support must be done through the ticket system, and only the ticket system, so don't request us to email you.


    Ok, so your ticket is "out of our system", meaning it was either closed, or you haven't replied to it. How do you let a GM know about the ticket and ask them to look at it?

    USE THE TICKET NUMBER, or "Ticket ID". These are very important. They are how GMs refer tickets to each other, and how each case is treated individually. This is good for you to know. If you want a GM to look at a previous ticket, send the ticket number instead of copying and pasting an old ticket (or even worse, just the date of the ticket), or asking us to look for "a ticket I sent two years ago on an alt account whose name I can't remember" or anything like that.

    Just send the Ticket ID.

    The ticket number is the fastest way for us to find any ticket, especially if they were sent by another account or a very long time ago.

    Here is how you find the ticket ID:

    When you are viewing a ticket, a link similar to this should be in your URL bar.

    That number on the end that I bolded and enlarged is the ticket number for that ticket. Open the ticket you want us to see, and then send us that number.

    Once again, this is the BEST and FASTEST way to get us to check out a ticket other than the one we are responding to.


    I won't lie, dealing with tickets can be annoying. When a GM has to go through months and months of logs trying to track down an item, it is a real headache.

    However, when I ask you to follow these tips it is not just for our own sake. The less questions we have to ask you, or guesswork we have to do, or digging we have to do, the less time it will take for your issue to get resolved.

    When sending a ticket, please:

    1. Clearly state the issue in the body of the ticket

    2. Try to use proper spelling, punctuation and formatting as well as you can

    3. Be as specific as possible, and give us as much information as you can

    4. Give us leads, or the places we should start looking first

    5. Have some patience

    6. Provide all the evidence you have. Sending screencaps never hurts

    When sending a ticket, please DO NOT:

    1. Send us a wall of text with no punctuation

    2. Insult us

    3. Beg for favours or free items

    4. Spam the ticket system

    Spamming is sending the exact same message or variations upon it in a very short amount of time. THIS DOES NOT HELP. WE DO NOT GET NOTIFICATIONS WHEN A NEW MESSAGE COMES IN. THE TICKET LOOKS THE SAME ON OUR LIST WHETHER THERE IS ONE REPLY OR ONE THOUSAND REPLIES.

    Sending more than one ticket about the SAME issue also counts as spam and only serves to inconvenience your fellow players.

    Spamming or abusing the GMs through the ticket system may result in a temporary ban. You may reply to tickets to add more information that may help us, ask us questions, or anything that will move the case forward.

    NOTE: Player reports, missing gold and other issues all require screencap evidence. Upload your images to any of the following sites and link it to us:

    Do NOT use facebook, youtube or your moms fridge.

    This is all I can think of for now. I will definitely add to this and make amendments as needed. Please PM me directly if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or additions to make to this text.

    Thank you!
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    This thread has been needed....for years. Good stuff!
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    Document updated somewhat
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    Updated again
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