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Thread: Old School Days?

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    Default Old School Days?

    What did you missed up?

    Share your stories as you play far even you have being quitted, hiatus, still play, or maybe sometimes visiting ept.

    You can share from outside for hiatus or quitted only.
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    What ??? ......
    Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

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    Rip english.

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    i still play today even though i first played PT when it was still part of triglow. used to love having 6 man party's at a HS and u would need to wait in line to get inside of one of those party's to xp like a baller ^^. Sadly in due time my irl caught up to me and the fun seemed to dissipate but every so often it returns and i just start the grind to try and catch up to some of my friends.
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    there was a prs on the little hill in fL
    bunnywunny or something
    mostly she was afk and auto-click dL dL dL
    so i used to loot her and np junk
    but sometimes she was there and flame me

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    i miss when you had to P2P once you hit lvl 40 and the last map you could goto
    was oasis and the major hangout was nav.

    And only english speaking players. and no hackers.

    otherwise this game has went to crap in a hand basket prices way out of control

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    Yea, of course I loved "old school" Priston Tale. I don't think there is anybody from that era that could say they disliked it. Everything about Priston Tale just simply felt right back in the glory days (2004-early 2006). A lot of that contributes to the fact I was 16 in 2004, and could spend as much time as I wanted playing the game. Fast forward to 2016, and simply for me + most of the people I played with, there is just simply no way playing PT even casually could be justified. Hosted by a company that does nothing but let-downs, riddled with endless bugs, and the overall decline of the community, I don't know why anybody would still even bother playing PT.

    Realistically, the game lost the majority of it's fun for me around early 2009. Most of my clan had quit the game, I had very few friends left that I enjoyed grouping with for hours on end. I completely quit in early 2011 when my best in-game friend Danny lost his battle with cancer. I've probably been logged in for a total of 5 hours since 2011, and most likely will never login again.

    I guess the main reason I still creep around these forums from time to time is for the hope one day this game might even be somewhat relevant. I'm almost positive it won't be (lets face it, there are infinite better games out right now that are 100% free). Unfortunately, last time I logged into the game (probably a few months or so ago for literally 2 minutes) I recognized maybe 3 people in Ricarten. English almost felt like the minority in-game.

    SUBA is the prime reason for this game going downhill in my opinion. How many years can you blame the game creators for your blunders until it just becomes redundant? I don't even think Yedang owns Priston Tale anymore, IIRC it's a completely different company. How the hell do you not fix the easiest bugs in the world to fix after 8+ years. I'm literally speechless that after almost a decade the same bugs that existed when I played are still there. Absolute disgrace. I'm almost 100% positive that this game would be infinitely better off in the hands of somebody who actually knows what the fk they're doing... assuming any of the OG's from Ragezone/PTN would even care to host such an outdated game.

    Anyways, I guess my best "old school" feeling would be hitting level 90 back in the day. That felt so nice, being able to enter Eura and just hunt there for hours at a time. Good ol' PT. Rest in peace.

    ps- I won't even get started on the amount of hackers that are in Priston Tale. Absolutely depressing from what few friends I have that still play tell me.
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    I loved it when ppl spoke propper English that made sence

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    also most of the top players have many on their accounts playing in groups to lvl up faster then single players could dream of. few of the truly solo left from 2002, i have seen 95% quit and go to blade and soul or wow or any game that is not pay to win, even minecraft with its awsome graphix and smooth gameplay has scooped away pt players,and yet i still log in and play cuz until they close down, pt will be my fav game, mostly for the memories and the people, old ric/parties in d4/dun 3 with pomme, and flats, misskinky maze,splim,and all the others i dident mention.

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