Patch 3227 Notes (27.7.21)

Bug Fix
- Fixed an issue with the fishing event, where items stop dropping on low level maps (Garden Of Freedom to Greedy Lake)
- The Force Master NPC no longer disconnects you when opening the window dialog more than once
- It is no longer possible to trade essence of aging items, or both moon buffs (items can still be sold on the personal shop)
-Fixed Battle Armor costume for magician - it will no longer wrongly display the Hopy Costume
-The Item Unmix NPC, Nadia, has been restored. Mixture reset stones are now available again in the Cash Shop.

New Changes
- Skill Rebalance - All classes now have the same stats/functionality as the KPT version.
- Abyss Midranda, Tulla, and Yagditha summon scrolls can now be dropped in the Temple of Abyss,Ice Mine and Sea of abyss maps
- Maximum Level cap has been increased to 160