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Thread: List of Rejected/Impossible Suggestions

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    Default List of Rejected/Impossible Suggestions

    Everything here has either been rejected or it's unable to happen (as in we tried and devs said no). It would be appreciated if you read this before making a new suggestion. Keep in mind this game is over a decade old and Suba Games is merely a publisher, so suggestions are limited without having to make a new game from scratch or Softstar rejecting the idea in some regard.

    This list will be updated based on more suggestions Suba or Softstar has rejected.

    • DOMO Anniversary - Everything related to DOMO Anniversary will be rejected. We will not adjust its values, we will not make the title scroll tradeable, and we will not give it out more than once per year. You are not entitled to a title just because you missed out on it. It would also undermine a vast majority of other titles in the game if it were continuously given out (some of which you'll need to earn to unlock levels 60+ unless you don't mind using prints for all of your jobs). If you refuse to play the game/would only play more of the game with DOMO Anniversary, you aren't interested enough in the game to begin with. Let event titles be event titles. git gud
    • Stairs Fixing - This would require an entire map or game rework.
    • Mai Golai wardrobe price reduction - It was been reduced before, it does not need to be reduced again.
    • Detailed character customization - This includes eye color. While this would be nice, this would be best done in a game rework. Same goes for anything else regarding a more detailed character customization.
    • More SE Pets - This version has seven more SEs for the six original pets, five SEs for Kukus and Dragons, and even three new variants of the Fox pet compared to what Aeria Games had or even TW DOMO to some extent. We do not need to undervalue the term "Special Edition" further.
    • EXP Curve Adjustment - This was attempted multiple times, and Softstar said no. The best you can do is catch Suba Shinies and weeks of server EXP.
    • Updated UI/Graphics - Old game, would require a rework.
    • Spooky Bottom Mob Changes - Softstar said no.
    • "Queen" Titles - This was actually suggested over a year ago. It hasn't happened and it won't happen.
    • Evenly Split EXP - This is referring to the fact damage dealers get a bigger share of the EXP than non-damage dealers. As great of an idea this is, the best that could have been done was boosting the natural team EXP bonus.
    • Gem Trader trading high gems to low gems - Softstar said no.
    • Name/Gender Change Scroll - Not gonna happen.
    • HP Necklace, MP Pendant - The two are game breaking, no matter how you look at it.
    • Forager Fairy Convince - Sadly, Softstar said they can't make receiving items from them more convenient.
    • Anything requiring GMs to work a LOT more than they need to - GMs are humans, not robots. There are not a lot of GMs for DoMO. Please consider that when making any large suggestions.
    • Snowball Exhanges in Casino Night - The reason they are no longer used is because there was no anticipation for the Christmas patches, allowing players to obtain snowballs without gambling. This is why Casino Night Tickets are a thing. The last Snowball Exchange was complained to be too inaccessable as it was catered to players with tens of thousands of snowballs. If it was more accessible, the game would be too flooded with any item in there, especially if it comes from the Item Mall or even Alloy Ores, which is the biggest natural gold sink this game has. In fact, if one does their research, even Aeria Games made the same mistake first. During the month of December 2008, they made the prizes suck to discourage snowball farming. Then they put the event on hiatus until April 2009. Even then, the GMs still feared players were holding on to thousands of snowballs, so they had to heavily inflate the prizes. Based off of both Aeria Games and Suba Games history, a Snowball Exhange will never happen again. Either use them, sell/give to others who want to use them, or throw them out. All suggestions leading to this will be deleted as this has been gone over multiple times in-game. Snowballs were never originally intended to be a form of currency; they just were by Aeria and Suba, and the mistakes show.
    • More Pet Slots - Like EXP curves, this is another thing that was attempted multiple times and Softstar said no; their solution was the Pet Hibernation Boxes and they said it is too hard for them to modify to give us more pet slots (as in, without breaking it or taking months/years to get it right).
    • More Titles - As much as we'd love to add more titles into the game, this isn't possible right now; we've hit the title limit Softstar was willing to give to Suba Games. Does this imply we have unreleased titles? Yes. Look forward to those if and when we decide to give them!
    • CLANNAD School Outfits - This has been copyrighted and has only ever been out for DOMO's Japanese server. Official use of these outfits would be treading into illegal territory.
    • Raid Difficulty (Easy/Normal/Hard mode) - Softstar literally said it was too hard for them to want to do that...
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