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Thread: Where is everyone

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    Default Where is everyone

    Greetings i would like to know where is everything i checked the server and all and im only one in there?

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    yes mate the game is gone no update for 3 years came for my monthly visit to the website nothing new see that some people try to have some fun here but quit after a week or so and as far as I know this server lasted just a few months it's a shame that GMs left it to die I had made a video over 1 year ago showing the server it was a ghost town

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    i can't update the game pls help.

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    not sure mate I didn't even download it but last year everything worked for me

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    sorry deleted, error

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    This game has been out of development/updates from Suba for years. They lost access to everything.

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    Default Hey

    don't're not alone

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