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Thread: Old player coming back!

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    Default Old player coming back!

    Hey everyone. I used to play on Mardanos back in the day when you had to pay a monthly fee after reaching level 40! Now that i've come back, I've seen some new stuff here and there. I noticed the cash shop the most....was wondering how much of a p2w cash this is?

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    It's more store orientied now, if you want better hp you where a costume with 300 hp.
    If you want to age better you buy super aging stones and still fail at times.
    If you want to exp better you buy 100% exp potions or package and phoenix bird.
    If you want to Ghost Castle and go more then once you buy package or ghost castle tickets.
    If you die and want to get out of loosing exp and gold you buy revival scrolls.
    If you drill your weapons or armor and want to pick the color drills for runes you want you buy drills in the store. Or buy random drills from sellers in ricarten.

    You can play this game without store bought items its still your choice. For myself i buy because i need some things in the store.
    I just threw a few things in there that you may need to buy in the store for reasons why to buy.

    Good Luck Mate.
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