I am curious if anyone else is experiencing this. Level 80's that was power leveled to 80, that don't know their class or what passive buffs are. I myself was a victim of harassment cause a lvl 80 and 77 an 49 didn't understand passive buffs don't steal, argo or do anything but Debuff the surrounding area / creatures (mobs / monsters).

So instead the people who was complaining about the Debuffs. They got pissed, upset, annoyed, Irritated. So now said people are harassing me by calling me "Bish" in General chat. An it gets worse. It's not just one person it's the whole guild of people. I even messaged the Guild leader to try and resolve this peacefully cause was a mistake. But still they won't let it go.

An I know LH is dying cause I have read the forums. But maybe it's cause so many lvl 80's power level each class and have like 7 alts. on 4 or 5 different accounts. So anyone new is harassed that's why no one new will join. I would gladly love to stay but seriously if Subagame or Lucent Heart allows these people to continue to harass others. It's setting a poor example of their ToS and rules.

I would like to play peacefully and enjoy the game. But if I am harassed anymore I will be posting said screen shots of the harassment and pray that action is taken against these people.