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Thread: Unofficial Ace Optimizations Thread

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    Don't delete the op_xxxxxx.mp3 files from your Res-snd folder then.

    Also worth bearing in mind though is that the aforementioned texture optimizations only work to a limited extent.

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    Thanks for help.

    Any program for lower ping ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TryToFly View Post
    Thanks. But I need that crying girl voice about SP warning. How I can do that? Or its imbosible with this optimization?
    It's not in the mod in my sig, I have never heard of that crying girl voice lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Involution View Post
    In the last month, IronlEye has absolutely no hack logs on his account, for what that's worth. Most players get even a few false positives.

    It's almost... suspicious...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TryToFly View Post
    Thanks for help.

    Any program for lower ping ?
    Ping is mostly determined based on your geographical distance from the servers, so if you live far away from them there is not much you can do (they're located in California mind you).

    However if you get lag spikes often then it's due to packet loss: this mainly occurs whenever there's other people loading stuff under the same internet connection as you (to sum things up). So from there if you can't prevent that, then you can't do much otherwise.
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    The distance to California ~7500 miles. xD

    But there are some programs like "wowping" for lower ping. I used it in other game... there are ~50 online game in this program. But no AO=(( and with this program you can lower ping ~ 30%.
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