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Thread: How to party diffrence level

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    Default How to party diffrence level

    Hi all.
    I have 3 char in priston tale MG:49, Assasin: 34, Arc:27. When Ass party MG, it OK, then Ass party Arc, it can't and notice Too big defference level. How can i party bridge?


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    on the assassin, you send invites to both mage and archer at the same time.
    Then after both invites have been sent, you accept the party invite on mage and archer.

    The other way is
    Mage invites assassin, then before assassin accepts party request, she sends party request to the archer. then both archer and assassin accept the request.

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    Glad to see that some cool hacks remain!
    Tired to realize that some were "fixed" each time I try one... like the trade bug, wth? That was actually useful.

    And that reminds me... I understand why one would decide to prevent users from dropping items in town, but a confirmation box just like at shops would have done the trick. And there you go, it's as safe as NPC-ing items, but I can still drop items to my friends and organize my freakin mana.

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