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Thread: Ticket's Reponde Time

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    Default Ticket's Reponde Time

    Hello can any1 tell me when gm's gonna responde on my ticekts
    2017-07-24 waiting 4 days.. and 0 responde

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    Hi, please refrain from questioning about the tickets. It is against the rules of the forum page. Tickets are answered between 10am - 5pm EST. Only send one ticket, about the subject, and do not spam/create multiple tickets of the same ticket. This will only slow down the responses for you and the rest of the game.

    Please read the following thread:

    "Bans and support tickets will not be discussed openly on the forums. Any threads created for this purpose will be deleted/locked for the privacy and security of those involved. It is encouraged that if you have questions/comment about a particular situation that you send a private message to a Community Manager or send a ticket to Suba Games Support."
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    Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm EST. Be a lil bit more patient.
    Is me... Moshy

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