Testing was done via 75 Shaman at White Monkeys. Each value was tested a 10 times just to be certain. The numbers I list are the Floor numbers, Yes it is possible to hit more than what i list but it is not very often, usually only once or twice out of 10+ attempts, at which point I increase my test to 20 tries.

MACC Mobs Hit
3-7 6
8-18 7
19 8
20-31 9
32-43 10
44-61 11
62-74 12
75-84 13
85-89 14
90-97 15
98-104 16
114 17

There is still more testing to be done for 100+ MACC but it's highly doubtful that high MACC is going to be achieved in general leveling settings. Also, more testing is needed to be done on AT LEVEL mobs. I would assume that level gap/player MACC and mob MEVA all have a slight effect on the true mob hit count.

Note: The level of an AoE does NOT matter, only the MACC matters. Level 1 and Level 8 Shaman AoE were hitting the exact same amount of mobs.

Suggestion: Make the MACC value show up over 100 MACC please.