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Thread: Casino Night Wishlist

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    Refresh stone! ...and cute perms <3

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    Default Casino Wishlist

    Mod box
    Spellpaper/scrapper I and VII
    Refresh/norm/rare lock stones
    Hairdye goodie bag
    Gold rez
    giant/lilliput pill
    special mission card
    Shrine maiden/shrine servant

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    I'm currently in the process of compiling everything between my last post and this post. Wishes beyond this post will not count for the March 28th, 2019 Casino Night, but for the June 27th, 2019 Casino Night. Shrine Servant/Maiden pretty much have a high chance of getting in because otherwise there is a 12-way tie between costumes.

    I'll see if we can get another costume corner going.
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    Wish List:

    - Weapon/Armor socket Drill (great)
    - Mod Boxes
    - Adv upgrade boxes
    - big or little forager fairies
    - Tinker bell II (F)
    - Strawberry headgear (unisex)

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    Default Wishlist

    -Small/Big forager fairy
    -Small Yunchang Pills
    -Special mission card
    -Mod ins 2, 3, 4
    -Pteles/Go anywhere teles
    -Adv weapon/armor upgrade box
    -Great armor/weapon drills
    -Refresh stones
    -Royal Chef cossie and Sushi chef outfit
    -Panda or bear cossie for unisex
    -Kitten head


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