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Thread: Casino Night Wishlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cl3ogyu View Post
    -Refresh Stone,Normal lock,Rare lock
    -hair dye bags so catastrophe can change his hair more often

    One day someone will appreciate me for me and not my hair

    What I'd like to see:
    -Mod box
    -Refresh stones + normal & rare lock stones
    -Alloy Ore
    -Scrappers + Spellpowers VII
    - Hairdyes....
    -Mod IV


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    mod box
    alloy ores
    adv modding boxes
    chinese opera mask F (unisex)
    Japanese Old-Fashioned (F+M)

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    SB key
    Refresh/rare lock stone
    Mod II/IV
    Mod box
    Adv Weapon/Armor box
    absorption cloth
    occ springs
    Forager Fairy

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    Default Items i'd like to see in Casino of March 26 2020

    - White kimono (f/m) perm **** First choice!!
    - Red or blue sunglasses perm or sunglasses boxes
    - Bunches white or black perm or bunches boxes
    - Refresh stones
    - Rare lock stones
    - GA teleport
    - Sycs for XP
    - Skills scrolls doc/hunter/mage
    - Gems A Bags
    - Insurance Mod II
    - Exp stones maybe for those who cant access raids

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    Default wishlist

    Casino items!

    2)SB keys
    3) Go anys, ptele
    4) Mod box
    5) Advanced armor boxes
    6) Scrapper and Spellpower VIIs
    7) Special mission cards

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    + big/small fairies
    + sb keys
    + smc
    + refresh stones
    + normal/rare stones
    + mod box
    + alloy ores
    + adv modding boxes
    + glasses boxes
    + Japanese Old-Fashioned f/m

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    Default Casino Night Wishlist

    1-carat blue diamond
    Refresh stone
    normal lock stone
    rare lock stone
    Forager Fairy/Little Forager Fairy
    absorption cloth
    adv weapon upgrade box
    adv armor upgrade box
    mod box
    Insu mod 2
    Insu mod 4
    SB keys

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    Default Casino Night Wishlist

    -Refresh Stone
    -Normal Lock Stone
    -Rare Lock Stone
    -Boosting Vanity Pet
    -Absorption Cloth
    -Mod Insu II
    -Mod Insu IV
    -Perm Costume and Accesories
    -Forager Fairy/Little Forager fairy
    -Pet Token (SE/Ori)
    -Gold Ress

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    Orange Armor Improvement Book/Orange Adv. Defense Scroll
    Orange Magic Improvement Book/Orange Adv. Magic Defense Scroll
    Gold Transfer Charm
    Forager Fairy/Little Forager Fairy
    Small Yun Chang Spirit Pill
    Refresh Stone
    Normal Lock Stone/Rare Lock Stone
    Advance Weapon Upgrade Box
    Advance Armor Upgrade Box
    Mod Box
    Insurance Scroll (Mod) II
    Insurance Scroll (Mod) III
    Insurance Scroll (Mod) IV
    VIP Teleport Key Gif Box
    Tokens of Clever King
    Milk Choco Cake
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