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Thread: Casino Night Wishlist

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    Here's my wishlist:

    • Alloy ore
    • Insurance Scroll (Mod) IV
    • Scrapper & Spellpower Scroll VII
    • Special Mission Card
    • 1-Carat Blue Diamond

    Thanks! <3

    Chairperson of

    I Imane and Yulie

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    Wish List (in order of priority)

    - Scrapper/Spellpower VII
    - Insurance Mod IV scrolls
    - Insurance Mod II scrolls
    - Special Mission Tickets
    - Small Yun Chang Spirit Pills
    - Legendary Weapon/Armor drills
    - Great Weapon/Armor drills
    - Forager Fairies
    - Physical/Magical Armor tomes
    - Physical/Magical Blue Armor books
    - Saddle bags

    - Costume of Fantasy Musical Score (F)/Ranger Outfit (M)
    - Frozen/Lava Costume (Unisex)
    - RPG (F/M)
    - Arabian Princess (F)/Fairy Costume II (M)
    - Angel Heart Crown (Unisex)
    - Pink Glasses (Unisex)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Whislist

    -Mod Box
    -Refresh stone
    -Normal/Rare lock
    -Gold Transfer Charm
    -Adv armor/weapon upgrade box
    -Scrapper/spellpower VII
    -Forager Fairy
    - Sprite/Elf I,II,III box

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    Default Whislist

    -Adv armor/weapon upgrade box
    -Refresh/Normal/Rare lock stone
    -Mod box
    -Scrapper/Spellpower VII
    -Sprite/Elf I,II,III box
    -Forager fairy

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    mod box
    adv upgrade weapon box
    adv upgrade armor box
    Scrapper/Spellpower VII
    Sprite/Elf I,II,III box
    Saddle bags
    hair dye bags
    Small Yun Chang Pills
    Gold ressurection medal
    chicken costume
    fire fighter costume
    Costume of Fantasy Musical Score (F)/Ranger Outfit (M)

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    +backpack expanding scroll please

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