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Thread: Casino Night Wishlist

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    sb keys 3/5hrs
    refresh stones
    norm lock stones
    rare lock stones
    mod boxes
    adv armor + wep boxes
    gold transfer charms
    Exiled Title Scroll
    Alloy Ore
    Scrapper's Scroll VII
    Spellpower's Scroll VII
    Meru Transformation Scroll

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    Scrapper/Spellpower VII
    Sprite/Elf I,II,III box
    Saddle bags
    hair dye bags
    gold transfer charm
    gold enhancement stone
    refresh,norm, rare lock stones
    housing items
    sb keys 3/5hrs
    Yule log/Daikon
    chicken costume
    Costume of Fantasy Musical Score (F)/Ranger Outfit (M)

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    Refresh stone, normal lock stone, rare lock stone
    Gold transfer carm
    KEY 3/5 HOUR
    MOD IV

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    Default Casino 29 Oct 2020 Wishlist

    1. Alloy Ore
    2. 1-Carat Blue Diamond
    3. Absorption Cloth
    4. Forager Fairy
    5. Teleport, Go-Anywhere
    6. Insurance Mod IV
    7. Mod Box
    8. Advanced Armor & Weapon Upgrade Box
    9. Special Mission Card
    10. Reskill, Restat
    11. Refresh Stone, Normal Lock Stone, Rare Lock Stone
    12. Daikon
    13. Yule Log
    14. Sprite/Elf I,II,III box
    15. Meru Transform
    16. Scrapper/Spellpower VII
    17. Gold Transfer Charm
    18. Backpack Expanding Scroll

    99. Exiled Title

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    What I really want and haven't been in casino for a while:
    Spellpower VII
    Scrapper's Scroll VII

    Occupation spirit springs

    Elder of

    Signature made by Kuroi-chan^

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    Default Casino Wishlist

    My Wishlist:

    1) Refresh stones, normal lock, rare lock
    2) Orange Armor books, Orange Armor Tomes
    3) Yun Chang Pills (SYCs)
    4) Mod Boxes
    5) Scrapper VII, Spellpower VII
    6) Yule Logs
    7) Magical Daikons
    8) Advanced Armor Upgrade Boxes
    9) Meru Transform Scrolls
    10) Go Anywheres
    11) Party Teleports

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    Default Casino Night Wishlist - Orange Book Tome

    I want Orang Improvement book (Tome) P.deff and M.deff for the CNT event

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    Default Begin again

    1. Beginner Armor/Weapon Scroll (Green)
    2. Intermediate Armor/Weapon Scroll (Green)

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