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Thread: New (Old) Player Returning!

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    Hello everyone, UK player returning to the game after a long break you could say, possible 2003 or 2004 is when I last played

    I've made a new account, but hoping Suba can help me recover the old one!

    I'm a new Mech, Lv.3x currently playing Valento but I have a server related query below...! Found a great Mech guide and levelling guide so I think I'm set, but again a few queries on that too

    • Servers - I see there are a choice of servers when first logging in, I've logged into each of them and my character moves across them all, so my question is, what is the difference between the servers and which should I be playing? I've seen a few threads while searching and can see people mentioning different servers for different types of play?
    • Events - can someone run through the calendar and where I can go to participate in each of them?
    • Stats - I put some points into Health at the beginning, since reading guides they say 'Base', which I assume means unchanged. So I think I need to re-stat!
    • Any other advice?!

    Thank you!
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    Welcome back dude. First piece of advice I can give you is to join the discord server asap. Its a lot more active then the forums.

    Servers - All of the servers are interchangeable now. Valento is the "market" server where most people set up shop. The remaining servers are usually used for events. For example during the mini boss event you'll find the mini bosses on all servers BUT Valento.

    Events - The calendar can be found on the discord server as well. These are the current events going on ATM
    Augusts events:
    July 31 - August 7: Event Girl
    August 7 - August 14 - CC
    August 14 - August 21 - Mini Bosses
    August 21 - August 28 - maybe something special

    Mini bosses is going to be too hard for a 3x mech though.

    Stats - For a mech leave the Health: unchanged/base. Spirit: enough for a murky sheltom. Talent: enough for gears. Agility: enough for draxos boots. Strength: all remaining points.

    Skills - 10 extreme shield
    10 physical absorb
    10 weapon mastery
    once you got that, 10 Grand Smash and rest in Metal Armor
    8 Rolling Smash
    10 Power Enhancement
    rest in Completion

    I'm no pro mech but these are the basic things you need to know.

    Link to discord:

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    Thanks a lot for the reply - very useful!

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