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    Now i'm at lvl 110, should i do age my 110 staff or mix it ?
    Because when i reach 112, i will purchase 112 staff therefore it is waste of money when using 110 stuff high aged.
    Thanks you

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    You are right in so far as just waiting for 112 staff but in reality and this is why i say this. For me i went ahead and aged the 11x staff because it was alot more powerful then 108 staff and i did notice a difference when i got to age it to +10 and higher and it is definitely helping me acquire 12x faster. But i aged it when we had free aging so that helped me decide this matter. So aging it wasn't a problem for me since i used free aging. But do this at your own discretion since this is just me telling you this. But for me it's a alot easier killing monsters using a 11x staff high aged. Just a side note. You won't get the full potential of 11x staff if you mixed it. But do what you can do for yourself even if its mixing at least do a hp mix on it. Besides aging it you can sell it later. Nobody would want a 11x mixed staff if you decide to sell it.

    Cya hope this helps you some on deciding.GoodLuck
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