The next big update for DOMO, Version 21, is now LIVE! We are also celebrating the release with a 100% exp and 50% item drop boost for the next week! Please also view the patch notes for the update below:

-Weapon cosmetics are now available! Change how your weapon looks with the weapon skins that you can get in the Balls and Toys & Food and Love boxes.
-We've added two new passive buffs through the wardrobe system when you store costumes at 210 pieces and 245 pieces
-We'd also added Wardrobe Expansion Scroll VIII to item mall
-Modded 20/20 costumes will now sparkle when worn.
-New NPC - Modeling Consultant -> Exchange your costume weapons to become a Modeling Weapon!
-New quest - League of Pinballs (Note: We're aware of typos in this quest, this will be fixed next week. Sorry!)
-New NPC - Rebrander NPC - This NPC will allow you to rename weapons! The item required will be released later.
-The Wardrobe now has categories to see specific costume parts such as hats, bodies, back pieces, etc.
-NEW NPC: Yinglong - Sells various titles and new True Weapon Fragments for raid tokens- Collect 10 fragments to make a true 70 weapon! Raid tokens can be obtained from Trial Tower in Academy of Mirrors
-Added revamped SE 3 Kuku box
-Trial Tower loot in Academy of Mirrors has been readjusted.

Previews of Balls and Toys weapons:
Previews of Love and Food weapons: