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Thread: Effective as of September 1st: Punishment for GvG Abandonment

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    Default Effective as of September 1st: Punishment for GvG Abandonment

    Hello everyone,

    There have been many reports of GvG abandonment. This seems to be a reoccurring issue and as a result, the Lucent Heart GM team will be enforcing new rules as of September 1st 2017.

    One of the biggest GvG concerns we have been hearing about is regarding the abandonment of guild battles. There have been instances of guilds either just plain not showing up or abandoning the fight as soon as they are in the lead. The reason why this is considered a huge issue is because these actions essentially deny other guilds the ability to gain points and rewards, and most importantly, the chance to enjoy this portion of the game and properly participate in this mechanic. Registering for GvG should be seen as an agreement to attend and an agreement between the two guilds. Guilds who do not strive to uphold that agreement to the best of their abilities provide an injustice towards guilds who do. We, the GM team, only wish for the best for players who are legitimately trying to participate in GvG and have fun. That is why we have greatly discussed this issue amongst the team and are working to actively take action upon this issue.

    Without further ado, here are the official policies we are putting into place:

    Registering for GvG is a responsibility for the guild master to see through. Guild masters are responsible for registering for GvG, and as such, are also responsible for seeing that their guild shows up and actively participates in the guild battle that they registered for. Of course, there are cases where something comes up last minute that legitimately denies members or even entire guilds from being able to participate, but then the responsibility falls on the Guild Master (or the next available member) of the guild to properly inform and explain this to the Guild Master (or the next available member) of the rival guild. If a guild fails to show up and fails to inform the rival guild, that guild will receive an offense. An offense can only be removed if adequate proof determines that the rival guild was aware of the guild’s inability to attend.

    Furthermore, it is not simply enough to show up to a GvG battle to be considered as having “attended” a guild battle. Guilds who do not show up and actively participate in at least two out of the three rounds are still considered to have not “attended” a GvG battle. This is so that guilds cannot claim that they have participated in a GvG match, but technically only fought one battle out of three to barely meet the criteria. Similarly, guilds who spend the majority of a match idling/avoiding battle are also subject to punishment.


    1: The Guild Master will receive a temporary ban and the affected guild will not be allowed to register on the following week’s GvG registration day.

    2: The guild’s battle level will be decreased.

    Guilds will receive “offenses” each time a rule is broken.

    1st Offense: 1 Day ban and 0 Battle Levels decreased

    2nd Offense: 3 Day ban and 1 Battle Levels decreased

    3rd Offense: 7 Day ban and 2 Battle Levels decreased

    After the third, the GM team will determine the best course of punishment to enact upon the guild master as well as the guild members.

    All in all, we want players to be having fun with guild battles. We do not want players to have to wonder if the next battle they try to participate in will actually occur. We ask that all players who wish to participate in the GvG game mode be as respectful and understanding toward their matched guilds, and strive to keep it as fun and fair as possible for everyone involved.

    Kind Regards,
    LH GM Team

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    Just wanted to point out that 'showing up' but staying the whole time in the tower does NOT count as "attending GvG"
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