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Thread: doubt with charging strike

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    Default doubt with charging strike

    hello friends I have a question with charging strike ... it is necessary to increase it to level 10? or is it better to use those points in the tier 5 skills? what do you think??

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    I think you should use skill point for T5, it make good damn for PS!!!

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    10 vague, 10 amp, 6 side spin, rest in assasin eye is the way to go
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    whats the level requirement for side spin level 6?

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    I got rid of points on side spin when event lady came. It kills decent but mana drain for that skill is bad. I get like two hits and mana is gone. I stayed with amp instead at least i can hit more then twice with it at level amp=10. Just my thoughts i found that skill too mana draining for me to keep using on my pike and potting mana all the time while hitting monsters in a mob you get killed quick trying to recover hp keeping mana going.
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