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Thread: [Player Perspective] Multi-Clients VS Steam Client

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    Default [Player Perspective] Multi-Clients VS Steam Client

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope subagames admin will read this. It is futile to have a steam client since people will really try dual/tri/quadruple log since bot is available in game. Logging alot of chars and botting them together is a grand Idea to be rich in this game.

    That is why, I suggest that you take out the non steam client so that everyone will just have 1 client per PC using their steam account since i dont think there is a way to dual log via steam. (To be fair for those people who can only log 1 account due to several reasons) However, if you do not want to take out the non steam client. Please atl east just let us dual LOG Like before, it would be a hassle to download sandboxie and vmware just to log multiple clients.

    This isn't really a big matter but I just wanted to let you know on a players perspective.

    Hope you read this and I am looking forward to your response.

    Thank you for reading!

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    viva bots!

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    You should submit a ticket for more visibility for admins.

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    You can open several Luna Reborn by steam, only you can not do that.

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