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Thread: When is the new patch?

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    Angry When is the new patch?

    Wasnt the patch supposed to happend today?

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    Well, let's put A and B together and form an answer. Let's start, kingsoft would send the patch file to subagames/gm(s) and from there it would be uploaded to the main client if not the test server, assuming there is one. Now, the most likely outcome is that kingsoft hasn't provided that patch file, therefore the patch cannot go live. Using previous experiences when patches where delayed I assume that the dev is actually fixing issues or working really hard on the patch therefore it has been delayed?

    Also, if you remember at the start of the last patch there was a survey, in which you could win rewards for filling it out. That survey was regarding improvements and changes the player(s) wanted therefore it could be safe to say the developer is implementing those changes?

    This is all specualtion in the end until a GM comes out with an update.
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    Patch is already out doe, Next Patch coming Octuber 26.
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