Illustrations of Trepidation

It’s a nice, sunny fall day. The birds are chirping, songs of joy are being sung and laughter fills the atmosphere. Then suddenly, darkness envelopes the world and all signs of life and happiness dissipate. What once was a realm brimming with life is now devoid of it. Scary and horrifying creatures now populate the planet. You roam around to find out one thing: What could have been the source of all this? A sheet of paper hits your face... this sheet of paper seems all too familiar... your initials and timestamp are on this paper... but you realize something is missing... the sketch of the scary monster you drew is now gone... and can you guess what stands before you?

It’s that spooky monster and he’s here to introduce the “Illustrations of Trepidation contest”! In other words, “The October Spooktacular Art Contest!”

How to Participate

Draw one of the following:
1) An original character,
2) Your favorite spooky Lucent Heart creature
3) A GM!
It can be a spooky or funny depiction! We’ll pick our 3 favorite art pieces and give out the following prizes!


1st Place: 20,000SP worth of any items
2nd Place: 15,000SP worth of any items
3rd Place: 10,000SP worth of any items


• There must be some effort put into the story.
• No plagiarism. That also means you can’t copy any past entries, including your own
• No alternate accounts allowed
• No inappropriate (NSFW)content
• No banned players may submit entries
• Players can only submit a single entry, so give it all you’ve got
• You’re not allowed to use characters from a/an anime, manga, cartoon, and/or movie.
• Skeletons and Sad Youth? No Sweat :3

Contest Deadlines

Start Date

October 13th, 2017 7:06PM EST

End Date
October 31st, 2017 11:59PM EST