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Thread: Halloween Contest: Illustrations of Trepidation - WINNERS

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    Lightbulb Halloween Contest: Illustrations of Trepidation - WINNERS

    Illustrations of Trepidation

    It’s a nice, sunny fall day. The birds are chirping, songs of joy are being sung and laughter fills the atmosphere. Then suddenly, darkness envelopes the world and all signs of life and happiness dissipate. What once was a realm brimming with life is now devoid of it. Scary and horrifying creatures now populate the planet. You roam around to find out one thing: What could have been the source of all this? A sheet of paper hits your face... this sheet of paper seems all too familiar... your initials and timestamp are on this paper... but you realize something is missing... the sketch of the scary monster you drew is now gone... and can you guess what stands before you?

    It’s that spooky monster and he’s here to introduce the “Illustrations of Trepidation contest”! In other words, “The October Spooktacular Art Contest!”


    First off, a huge thank you to everyone who participated! Despite the spooks and chills we got looking at these drawings, the GM team just can't get over how well these pieces of art turned out! Great job to all our talented Lucent Heart artists out there!

    Without further ado, here are the winners of the Illustrations of Trepidation Halloween Contest:

    1st Place: YamiChanLH
    2nd Place: Creamy
    3rd Place: Zambii

    Well done and congrats to all our winners! We deeply encourage everyone to check out these and all other entries down below. They are all seriously well done and all capture the spooky holiday spirit of Halloween! It's safe to say all participants made it tough for the GM team to pick 3 winners out of the fantastic submissions!

    We'll be sending out the prizes shortly. Please let me know via private message if you are having any issues with your prizes.

    How to Participate

    Draw one of the following:
    1) An original character,
    2) Your favorite spooky Lucent Heart creature
    3) A GM!
    It can be a spooky or funny depiction! We’ll pick our 3 favorite art pieces and give out the following prizes!


    1st Place: 20,000SP worth of any items
    2nd Place: 15,000SP worth of any items
    3rd Place: 10,000SP worth of any items


    • There must be some effort put into the story.
    • No plagiarism. That also means you can’t copy any past entries, including your own
    • No alternate accounts allowed
    • No inappropriate (NSFW)content
    • No banned players may submit entries
    • Players can only submit a single entry, so give it all you’ve got
    • You’re not allowed to use characters from a/an anime, manga, cartoon, and/or movie.
    • Skeletons and Sad Youth? No Sweat :3

    Contest Deadlines

    Start Date

    October 13th, 2017 7:06PM EST

    End Date
    October 31st, 2017 11:59PM EST

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    Do we just reply to the threads to enter or send a PM?

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    i think reply..they said cnt copy old..mean u can see the PM u cnt see the old

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    here is my entry:
    Tiffany is a monster girl who is supposed to be scary and feeds off of fear, but she would rather just make friends with humans! She has a hard time talking because of her fangs and acid-like saliva, so she is usually quiet, but is very cheerful and likes making people happy on Halloween rather than scaring them. She is always hungry since she doesn't like to eat "fear" and instead enjoys spicy foods as a substitute.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Well, here's my entry. This is my character Kuro, she is usually known to be sometimes evil, but is usually kind. Every October, she always try to plan something devilish. This year she is trying to gather as much red things to turn into liquid to make a special potion to bring the dead back to life and form a dance party \owo/....(idek anymore LOL)
    Yami_Chan | lvl 80 | Solar Guardian | lvl 15 Blacksmith
    KuroMizana | lvl 80 | Moon Flame Envoy | lvl 15 Tailor

    Once a potato, always a potato. Join the potato army!

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    wow a female pikeman
    nice Yami!
    can we use on pristontale?
    ign: mulatto / livnletdie
    once we were we are Legends

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    I'm glad you like the piece, but sadly you can't use this. >< Sorry.
    Yami_Chan | lvl 80 | Solar Guardian | lvl 15 Blacksmith
    KuroMizana | lvl 80 | Moon Flame Envoy | lvl 15 Tailor

    Once a potato, always a potato. Join the potato army!

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    My original character entry:

    Hide your Creamy Cakes! Hide your Gooey Candies and Hide your CooKies for Sale!
    StickyPaws and her merry band of thieves are on the loose again!
    They broke into the Creamy Pastries Shop owned by Ms.May!
    An estimated One Billion worth of yummy pastries were taken by this notorious gang.
    They even left their signature LolliPAWp and a Thank You card for the Knight"s Regiment to find.
    The Gang has been Known to strike around their favorite Halloween Holiday and yet they continue to evade the authorities.
    Why do they do it? Sources say despite the gangs Devillish reputation they have been known to leave treats on the window sills or on doorsteps of the less fortunate. So that they too can have a HAPPY HALLOW'S EVE~

    <3 IGN Creamy
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    #WindowsPaint [Never mind I can not able to put my original hand make picture so I draw this one with my best with my paint:3]
    Then Everyone Happy Halloween

    Trick or Treat!

    IGN: Rin
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    Everyone Happy Halloweenmy ORIGINAL ART (took almost 8 days to draw , no edit , no Photoshop)

    BY DEB

    here the ART DEVANEART to view it as i don't know how to upload here big size i really worked so hard for this contest
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