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    Lightbulb Halloween Contest: Spooktacular Tales - WINNERS

    Halloween Contest: Spooktacular Tales

    Darkness creeps around every corner. The stillness of the autumn air brings you unease as you walk through the path to Spoopy’s mansion... the gates open to the grand manor... then suddenly...

    The GM’s pop out of nowhere to announce this year’s Spoopy Tales from the Grave!


    First off, a huge thank you to everyone who participated! After reading all the spooktacular tales, the GMs finally emerged from underneath their bed covers to announce the winners of the contest! You all did a great job at giving us a terrifying fright (I'm still afraid of leaving the office late at night)!

    Without further ado, here are the winners of the Spooktacular Tales Halloween Contest:

    1st Place: YamiChanLH
    2nd Place: AllenshakeetrIH
    3rd Place: SmolElf

    And there they are! Congrats to all our winners for their captivating and bone-chilling stories. If you still haven't read these spooktastic tales, we definitely encourage giving them a look!

    We'll be sending out the prizes shortly. Please let me know via private message if you are having any issues with your prizes.

    How to Participate

    Write an original spooooooky story; a tale that will scare the socks off of your GM’s! Don’t feel like writing something spooky? Not a problem, players may also send some spook-larious tale! The winners will be awarded with some awesome prizes!


    1st Place: 20,000SP worth of any items
    2nd Place: 15,000SP worth of any items
    3rd Place: 10,000SP worth of any items


    • There must be some effort put into the story.
    • No plagiarism. That also means you can’t copy any past entries, including your own
    • No alternate accounts allowed
    • No inappropriate (NSFW)content
    • No banned players may submit entries
    • Players can only submit a single entry, so give it all you’ve got
    • You’re not allowed to use characters from a/an anime, manga, cartoon, and/or movie.
    • Skeletons and Sad Youth? No Sweat :3

    Contest Deadlines

    Start Date

    October 13th, 2017 7:06PM EST

    End Date
    October 31st, 2017 11:59PM EST

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    Default Voice of the White Girl

    It is about 2 years ago when I was returning home from my school, there was an old house in the side of my way to school and home, near Grave-Yard. Old peoples from the town say there is a ghost who lives in there. I kind of didn’t believe in the story of them, but wanted to check it out by myself. So in that case I visit the House, the door was very old and noisy too. There were also rats running up to down, fully covered with dust and shadow, suddenly in that time the clock bell rang at 11 o’clock at night. From the house’s east window, the grave was visible from there, yes; the grave was covered with a white layer of smoke. The sight was not clearly visible but it was to be a girl wearing a white dress and standing over a grave of east side of grave yard. The girl was very beautiful but whenever the girl looked toward me the clock stopped and as well my hand watch too. Suddenly accidently I fall back and started to run back, but unfortunately I had fallen by hooked in my left leg and lost my sense. Next day when I woke up I was not harmed but with a chocolate there was a paper on my chest. And there was written
    “Thank you for visiting me.”
    Now I don't know this all about, but whatever if it was a prank or really a ghost I was thankful that I was okay without harm. Thank you for hearing my story.

    [This story is a real part of my life in 30th October 2015]

    There is my entry of Halloween Event Story #2017. Thank You ^_^
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    Cool The Ancient Rruin of a Hero [Chapter One]

    Our Guild is known as RisingMoon. We took pride in or travels and danced to celebrate in every new town and countryside. I will tell you a tale of 'The Ancient Rruin of a Hero' the first embrace of lost hope. I was young and naive I am a Comet marksman 15 lvl and did not expect such ruin to befall us that night. My friend AshuraDeSmith (Knight lvl 15) came to thereall and offered to get me a new armor set once the OEM was up, so we had a drink of ginger tea at the peace tower while we waited. We waited again to hear from Keythes [Priest lvl 15 - Ash's fiance] and my sister Sky [Solar Guardian]. "It seems Lavy [My Daughter and a gifted wizard] had gone to take on a world boss on her own again", i said knowing how as a young Wizard she made them fight so ever violently as she destroyed them with such efficiency. I was not so eager for the armor as Ash found it funny to make me all green, "...Just like a leaf" he laughed with such intent to make me rage and yet we had the most fun travelling as far as the Whispering Grave a place for the high levels. Keythes came with sad news about the nights raid on the Star Observatory. she would arrive late with Sky while me and ash went on an advanced mission close to the dungeon. We waited by the entrance to the dungeon with less than a few minutes to go. The GM said there would be surprise on one of the maps. Ash joked about how it was usually for the higher levels while i watched the light fade and we realized the two of us were waiting on our own as mists began to appear and the music began to sound so cold and empty with a heart beat that could be heard. "YIN..." Ash shouted. "stand and watch my back... it was then i heard a howl so menacing i was sure it was a wolf... and then I saw her seating on the ground with read glows all around us. I wanted to look at Ash and tell him we need to leave... but a gimps of his face showed me he was ready for the nights action. When i looked back the girl vanished. I tried to speak and Ash stopped me to say don't move. i could see a few of the wolves in a distance.. something scared them.. the witches screamed and taunted us and then we heard a sharp scream of a hero slain and the wolf howl in victory. "FOCUS YIN... Ash could sense that something had shaken me. "Keythes you almost gave me a heart attack" as she tapped me on the shoulder and arrived without a sound with Sky. "Don't be silly Yin" she said with such kind words and calmed me down. Sky began to ask if we noticed a spell cast over us fo defence... as a orange yellow glow surrounded us..... a circle of bright fire.... and at that moment... we almost froze when a large towering creature descended close to us. I saw a mist begin to cover my face and a laughter so high pitched you could think it was in your head.. and at that moment spooky appeared and and killed all the mobs and said, "sorry for that Ossus was for the purga and i swapped the other Boss by mistake.. though I may have used to much power as i killed all the monsters on the map "lol" Ash complained seeking his Halloween surprise. and at that moment spooky vanished and it jumped in my face .....a close up of a werewolf that would get an Emmy for scaring the hell out hero as it attacked .....a word of advise people.... NEVER ZOOM IN AND PLAY IN FIRST PERSON WITH A DRINK ON THE TABLE and my keyboard was the only thing that stopped working. I am so glad the desktop survived

    A YinRiader spooooooky story Part One. Happy Halloween
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    Post ~Mother~

    "I'm lonely"

    Burns the tattered hand written note in your left jean pocket,
    the eerie autumn air and crisp noisy leafs gust heavily through trickling goosebumps through your entire
    body. It had been ten years since you've last saw this place, the familiar trimmed front lawn beautifully decorated
    with pumpkin's and ghosts now was covered with thatch, fungus, glass, and patches of weeds. The front wooden porch where so many heart-to-heart chit chats with neighbors had been, now infested with mold and mildew from the top porch railings to the creaky chipped and dying wood steps. The outside out the rather small house screamed horrendous living condition..Two broken dusty windows remained alongside the front door to which in your surprise holds no door handles, but only a black hole. You swallow down any regrets that fill your mind and boldly walk onto the steps to the front door which creaks open so ever slowly, nothing but darkness fills your vision as you walk into the small house, the pungent foul
    odor stings your throat as you wheeze.

    "Hello?" You manage to say through your cough till suddenly through the darkness a damp white light flickers in a
    corner to your left just a few feet from you, the painted white and red features would almost mistake it as a new
    jack-in-a-box toy. A familiar tune now echo's through the darkness of the small faded room and as you turn and step
    closer almost hyponotized by the light and it's music an angelic voice can be heard in the distance,
    singing the lyrics with the tune.

    "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.."

    "How I wonder what you are.."

    Your body freezes and as confusion and fear now stream through your veins, you hear your own voice screaming on the
    inside to run.

    "Up above the world so high.."

    "Like a diamond in the sky.."

    As you turn to haul out of the building your body betrays you and a white clouded mist can be seen entering the
    windows, the door, under the floor's padding surrounding and paralyzing you. The mist inches you closer towards the
    heavenly voice which seems to crack and now turns deeply wicked through every lyric.

    "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.."

    How I wonder what you--


    The music box pops it's gears and breaks in the corner, flicking pieces through it's area as it's beautiful white light
    disappears into nothing-ness. The sound of your rapid heart beat and heavy breathing pound through your ears, as you widen your eyes as the leveled
    shadow leaps towards you with a sickening and horrifying screech.

    Right as you're face-to-face with this creature..


    The loud obnoxious and annoying sound of your alarm clock pounds through your room making you
    scream and jump up in fear, beads of sweat drip down your forehead as you make your way to shut the darn thing off it reads
    "3:00 AM and a small, brightly colored note is seen next to it.

    "Thanks for the visit.."

    (Edit) **I'm sorry this is horribly rushed and missing a ton of detail but was actually a fun vent for me to do! hope you like/enjoy it and hopefully I didn't go too far past the spook boarder lol, I apologize if this story offends or bothers anyone in any way but it's my entry and uh..yea.. sorry )

    IGN: Rainb0wdash101z

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    That day of Halloween I never forgot. Something very hideous incident happened. Every year my uncle and my cousin come to meet me.This year was no exceptional too . Cousin name Liza. She is extremely shy and afraid of ghost. So she went to my room. I know its dark and Halloween event will start so she don’t wanna come out. Really she is kitten girl. I went and pat her head “so are you ok?”
    “hmm “ with a cute smile
    ”here” she take out some chocolates and gave me
    Hmm seems tasty. I love this brand.
    Now time to listen ghost stories from my grandpa. “wanna come?” I asked. She someone said : “y-yes” .
    But she sat a little far and sit on chair. I know she afraid of stories.
    Grandpa started his stories..actually we love his stories..know all of them are fake but cant resist to listen it ..we few people came to halll room and sit on floor..there grandpa started :

    “there’s a sprit called “Benjou” . It can change human form if necessary and make your dream nightmare. I saw once when I went camp with my friends while hunting some scary wolves. Benjou’s face only can be seen in full moon. Those scary eyes, red hair and big teeth. They often hide and take human form”.

    Suddenly I look to the Liza. But what I saw made my blood cold. Where Liza? It’s a girl with red hair and blood eyes ,big teeth as grandpa mentioned sitting on that chair and looking at me..its impossible. How its possible? I am gonna faint..suddenly I saw Liza sitting there. She is little afraid. Maybe cause of story..mean did I just imagine? Grandpa’s story effect me in real? Hallucination? Was thinking about it
    But again in a moment Liza became a scary wolf and looking at me..with those scary boiled eyes..i could not bear anymore..
    “enough” I shouted and fainted..
    When I woke up I was in bed..local doctor came to see me..Doctor said my pressure and pulse was high that’s why i got fainted. Grandpa laughed like his story effected on me..I asked “where Liza?”
    they reacted like they saw uncle said he came alone. There no cousin or any Liza came to our house. Liza went to her friend house. I got scared. Very scared….then realized Halloween..”Benjou”…but my hand touched something. A chocolate that I got from Liza iI mean Benjou Liza….Happy Haloween..

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    Nothing but fog up in the air, it was a breezy night. You could barely see anything, but a bit of the area you were at. Anne was walking around the neighborhood that seemed too silent on such a night like this. She was looking for something she had dropped while she was taking a walk with her parents, her doll. Anne was about six or seven years old, alone at the moment because she lost her parents while searching. Suddenly a noise comes out of nowhere, Anne starts to look around and notices a house. This house is completely white, but nobody lived there so it looked abandoned. There was no person living in that house for over seven years as if it was haunted. She looks more to the right where she notices a pathway to a toolshed, from the distance it looks pitch black inside as if it had secrets.

    "I see you..." a voice came out of the shed.

    Anne froze.

    "Ready or not..."

    At this point, Anne was a bit scared and curious not knowing what to do. Slowly, her legs have started to move on their own. She had lost control on her own body, Anne starts to tear up. Few seconds later, Yami and her older sister Lana came strolling by and noticed Anne. Yami immediately pulled Anne close worried. "What are you doing?! Do you have any idea what happens if you start to step closer to that shed?" she says. Anne shook her head no still not being able to crontrol herself, even to speak. Yami looks at Anne then at the shed, then back at Anne again.

    "There has been stories about that shed. People have gone missing if they stepped near it or even entered it and never been found." Yami says. Anne stares at Yami with her eyes full of tears, ready to pour down at any moment.

    While Yami was explaining more about the shed to Anne, Lana starts to hear noises and looks at the shed. Slight screeches then start, as if it was unhappy. Yami stops talking and stares at the shed as well, not caring about saying anything else about it.
    Then silence once again. A shadow starts to get bigger from under the shed.

    "Here I come..."

    Their eyes widen, Yami and Lana grabs Anne's hands and start to run. Suddenly something comes out of the shed in a flash. It wasn't a human or animal, it didn't even look like either of those. The figure was dark and looked like some type of winged beast. It was a demon. A demon had been living in that shed for the longest time, nobody has ever seen what was inside. Anne's tears started rolling down, she couldn't hold it in anymore, she wanted to go back to her parents safely.

    "Mommy! Daddy! Help me!" She cried, but it was no use. Anne was losing all the energy she had and started to trip. Yami notices this and picks the young girl up and continues to run as fast as she could. "We need to find somewhere to hide Lana. This thing won't stop following unless we can distract him." Yami says. Lana nods and thinks of a plan quick. Two paths of the street comes up and the both split, Lana starts to look for something in order to make a distraction for the demon. Yami continues to run with Anne in her arms to buy time for Lana. Three minutes have passed and Lana comes after Yami with her jacket and an old worn out pillow that was left out in the streets.

    Yami starts to see Lana and speeds up at her. As soon as Yami caught up to her, Lana threw the jacket with the worn out pillow inside it hoping that the demon would follow it. Surprisingly, the demon did follow it, believing it was the girl. They all notice and start looking for a hiding spot until it was safe to come back out. The demon gets close to the jacket and realizes that it wasn't Anne. He got upset that not only did he fall for the trick, but he also has lost sight of the three girls. Enraged, the demon growls as he searches for the three girls.

    The girls finally were able to step out of their hiding spot, now they all went to search for Anne's parents. Eventually they found them still looking for their daughter with much worry. "Mom, dad!" Anne cries as she runs to them both in a hug, her parents hug their child back and looks at Yami and Lana. "Thank you for bringing our daughter back to us." Her mother said. The sisters nod and say that it wasn't a problem but to make sure that they head home because it isn't safe. Anne's parents nod their heads and take Anne back home so they could remain safe.
    "It's about time we head home too sis." Lana mentions. Yami agrees and they both start to head home. Later that night with Anne, she was fast asleep. Her parents have left her lamp on since she was still scared of before. But then...


    "I found you..."
    Yami_Chan | lvl 80 | Solar Guardian | lvl 15 Blacksmith
    KuroMizana | lvl 80 | Moon Flame Envoy | lvl 15 Tailor

    Once a potato, always a potato. Join the potato army!

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    1:11 AM
    Deep asleep, surrounded by deep darkness, voices hysterically screaming and echoing through my bedroom.
    "Help me! Help me!", they called on and on, as multiple shades of hands started reaching out for my legs and dragged me.
    Silently drowning in the dark, the voices screamed louder and it I drop down under a mystery cave..
    I held on a torch with a dim light. Unable to see a thing, only but a faint light in front of my sight.
    I walked slowly afraid of my surroundings. *Crack* I pulled over the dim light near my feet. It was skulls. I been walking on dead bodies.
    I ran and ran, without stopping and suddenly, I fell. A hand crawled out of the walls and grabbed my legs..
    It pulled me, I was unable to run. I tried escaping but more hands started appearing, grasping me hard as I sunk in the dark again.
    Now my torch is gone. No light. Just dark. I'm unable to see a thing. I started to hear creeking sounds..I'm scared.
    I don't know where to go but I'm more scared of what might be behind me. I'm afraid to even look back so I just walked and continued walking.
    A black gate in front of me, stranded in black thorns and vines.
    Somehow, I ended up in a forest but everything if so dark and dead. The trees were all withered up. There were black thorns and vines, flowers, and roses. I opened the gate, bats flew away from the dead trees.
    The hysterical cry screams louder and louder ass I walked through the forest. I felt like something was following me as I walked.
    I ran again without hesitating. My legs were shivering, it felt so glacial.
    In front of me was a a castle. No. A haunted house? Whatever it was, no point going back..the gate opened automatically.
    I entered without hesitation. I passed by mirrors, plenty of mirrors reflecting a shadow of a girl with a creepy smile. It was laughing
    consistently. The floors started to crack like I was walking in a path to a dark eternity. My feet was bleeding as I walked the cracks but
    I felt no pain.
    A voice cried hysterically, "Take me away with you. Take me away! Save me! Save me!"
    I felt something claws grasping my neck. I couldn't resist it. "Nnh..."
    -Blanked out-

    In game Username: SmolElf

    Happy Halloween people!

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    Tsunia here, i like the story, ^-^
    IGN: Tsunia

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