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Thread: New player looking forward to play!

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    Default New player looking forward to play!

    Hello everyone i m a new memeber for the community and i first saw the game when it was in beta but i didnt give it a shot from the bad reviews in the forum everyplace so i m just curious cuz i love that game so much and i used to play it few years ago but sunddenly it shut down so i was wondering cuz i m going to give it a shot depending on the feedback here is the game WORTH playing and all these feed back regarding the game will shut down soon and that the is game is **** and everyone leave it and dont waste u r time is it true or just a mere point of view? or the game is just fine and i can play it just fine i was thinking to create a sup class like healer i enjoy them alot but i m not sure if he can solo or there are ppl to party with so i would like anyone to help me to know if possible it will be great help

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    This game is awesome. Give it a try. Send me a message i can help in your journey.

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