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Thread: how to lvl up as support class?

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    Default how to lvl up as support class?

    Hello guys I would some here please just how can I lvl up as a support class exp is quite low and I m following the support guide on the forum but the thing I can't find ppl to party with to support currently I m lvl 23 and I feel I lack DMG since I m sup so any ideas guys what would I do cuz gold sucks and so is exp so is it better if I go DPS class instead or I just keep playing and wait for party or what I do also... Should I do the quests or not . please guys just some spot light will be great its my first time playing here and I just downloaded the game.

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    salve meu mano eu estou baixando o jogo,caso você queira me adicionar pra uparmos juntos valeu

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    Find yourself a good guild. Thats what I've been doing.
    If you dont have a guild that looks after you, that means you dont have anyone to support.

    and if you are lucky enough to be on the blue side, come join the Grace
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    Qual seu nome no jogo estou começando agora,quero fazer novos amigos ^^ XD@

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    I speak your language, but you have to speak english here. Send me a private message. I can help you.

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