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Thread: Expand the Gold capacity to 10 Billion for High Level players

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    Thumbs up Expand the Gold capacity to 10 Billion for High Level players

    Hi There ..

    As we all know WE on the Priston Tale Community are having hard time buying elite items such as (Valento Ring, Devil Shy Ring , Moko Boots , Draxos Boots and alike) because they are expensive and we're only limited to carry 700kk in our inventory and the rest will be store on our Warehouse . So I made this post to let or VOICE be heared . Making some game adjustment and to let the Game Master make it possible for us. We are happy on what the game improved for the past 3 years adding new tier, items and character adjustment but I hope for this one little improvement to be possible. Gold Capacity per level should have change base on the range of the level:

    0-79 - same as it is
    80-100 - max is up 700kk
    101-105 - max is up to 5 Billion
    106- up to the max level - max is up to 10 Billion

    with this proposals it will be easy for us to buy Valento Ring which is costing 2.3 Billion each . I believe at least for now . And it will make our game experience more convenient because we won't need to open mules just to fill up the 2.3 billion items and alike .. And also the simple logic we have here is that "the higher the level the higher the necessity is" .

    I am hoping for the best gaming experience and looking forward on the adjustments to be implemented in the game on the next set of PATCHES!


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    I'm hoping as well , so its easier to buy and sell items .

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    Just increase every Tier gold limit x10 and plus per lvls =P so ppl can use mules for sell
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