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Thread: Official 420 Thread!

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    i love you guys!

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    I wish marijuana wasn't illegal.

    Not because it was banned to stop the immigration of Mexicans.
    Not because it was banned to help the timber industry.
    Not because it's already quasi-legal in Cali and legal in Vegas.

    But for one reason: So people will stop thinking it's so f***ing cool and stop talking about their favorite types and why they're better than some others. It smells horrible, it provides a modest high, and it takes preparation and time to use and inhibits you from going out into the world while high. You should really either A) start taking scripts, since the high is better and you can, f***in, get s*** done while you're high, or B) cultivate a habit that you REALLY need to stay in your house for: Heroin.
    This is my blessing to start scamming EVERYONE

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    hese trades are not supported, encouraged, endorsed, by suba games, when you share your account info, we don't support it. So if something happens during those trades and you lose items you paid for hard work/time whatever the case may be, your sol.

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