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Thread: Blaze Grenade- ¿Fire or Gas?

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    Post Blaze Grenade- ¿Fire or Gas?

    Hello for all MAT players. Well i have that grenade, and as you know when you carry that grende it fell into the place of fire grenade (The pipe fire bomb or Zhor lamp) and at the same time in the GAS grenades too. So, i dont know this happends, i dont know really if that was the main function of that grenade or is bugged. If its bugged i'd like the developers decide about it will be fire or gas grenade. If you dont understand me here down are some examples:

    *You can wear the Anti tear gas, and you wont got damagged at all for that grenade

    *If you can wear 3 grenades you just can wear "explosive grenade-Blaze grenade-flash(smoke, remote bomb, mine etc)" but you wont can wear "explosive grenade-blaze-gas grenade" or "explosive-blaze-fire grenade"

    Please GM's answer at this and i hope this et fixed for can enjoy better our items.

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    It's because they have the same function, which is too create and AoE which stands for Area of Effect, meaning if you are within the range/area, you will be dealt damage over time, that is why you can not carry both FIRE and GAS.
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    So (i havent tryed) i cant carry zhor's Lamp (fire) and VX gas? so ill try and if that's posible GMS must change the function of blaze.


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    And if have same function the Anti- incendary card item must be works with blaze too

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    @Madera999 That function on AntiTearGas been here since ages. Im with you with the point; "Fire isnt Gas" or "AntiFlame should works for that". I already expose this to the GMs, and they will ask over to our Devs.
    Lets see what can we do about it.
    And just like Jazzyjaz1 said, We have different type of nades, Explode nade, Area Nade, Mine, Flash/Smoke, Throw and Throw/ Mine. You can do limited mixes of it. Example, you Cannot carry 2 Explode nades at same time.
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