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Thread: The DOMO Mafia - Always Recruiting.

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    Default The DOMO Mafia - Always Recruiting.

    Flip here from The DOMO Mafia, recruiting players of all levels and walks!
    We've been around for about a year now, so I figured it was time to finally actually acknowledge the forums existence (even though most of the people who need guilds don't even use this, but hey, why not LOL)

    Looking for players that want a fun experience both in and out of DOMO.

    A guild youtube where we upload videos of our events and random clips of gameplay that either I or guildees participate in!
    This also includes a guild website that's updated with each announced event!
    A discord server with over 100 members, many of which are very active!
    Guides specifically made for guildees. We welcome both new and returning players, as well as previously established players.
    Custom events found nowhere else in DOMO! Nobody can beat us when it comes to events!
    Casual Arena events
    A very angry pupu mascot.
    And sprite punting.

    But most of all, we aim for more of a unique experience in terms of guild comradery. This guild is built around having fun and trying to help people stay interested in DOMO. That means you won't be forced to things you don't want too, such as elders or being forced to raid. You join a guild to have fun, and sometimes just grinding through DOMO's quests can be taxing. So nothing is required here when it comes to level requirements and the like.

    However, we do expect you to be online at least seven days out of each month. This doesn't necessarily mean on DOMO, as stated before we have a discord to stay in contact with guildees outside of the game. There are several subgroups in said discord for other games as well, so if you're looking for a more permanent group of people to do stuff with, this is probably a good guild for you.

    So there's the recruitment. Nothing flashy, no bullcrap. We're here if ya need any help o/

    IGN: Fliip - PM or Mail me for recruitment.

    P.S. Chat log is R-rated. Don't come if you're expecting a normal guild LOL

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    Good luck Fliip~Floop o\

    IGN : iroha "Overseer" (Lv 75 Wizard - Lv 70 Shaman Doctor Musician Dancer Sorcerer Witch Doctor)
    IGN : oriha (Lv 75 Blademaster - Lv 70 Thief Hunter Mercenary Witch Doctor)
    IGN : AceCocytus (stall) "Sovereign Abyss"
    IGN : Elegant.Sprite (Alchemy Helper)

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