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Thread: Abusive player & GM not doing anything about it.

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    Angry Abusive player & GM not doing anything about it. & is shameful & a GM not banning him when a player talked to him is more shameful. GM said & I quote (I have more things to worry about then Harassment.) .. It does not take long to look at a players IP & ban him & his main account. I been owner Of Dragons Blood for 8+ years, Been a GM/Moderator of MANY games, and I also do networking & network Security too. So please GM Ban this troll already, From what I know he has been doing this for over a week now.. Honestly how many ppl will continue to play when the GM does not enforce the rules & allows abusers to continue for so long? Let me also put this in another way, How many ppl are going to keep your salary paid If nobody wants to bother buying coins for stuff because you cannot control one angry child?? We as the ppl who pay your salary & keep this game running are asking for your help to take 5 Min to remove this troller & his main account.

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    Default Here is FULL account of his Chat terrorism, User's main is named: DonCantoni SkillSwitch Guild Level 62.

    GM, Please remove this Abomination.

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    Can u check the IP of LUSTNOOBGUILD and Mincubus hehe kindly

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    If you were really an owner and GM/MODS on different games with years of experience, you should know that you cannot just prove someones' violation with just a mere screenshots and more if you are reporting someone who is only using dummy character and accused a player that he is the real owner of that character, that does not make sense at all.

    If you really want this thread to make sense, please provide a concrete prove that DonCantoni is the real owner of that dummy, a game's log and a cross-match of DonCantoni and that troller's IP (if this is even possible) from Luna Reborn Team will be enough.

    BTW, DonCantoni's account is on suspension already for 30 days which very disappointing as he was just lifted from 3 days suspension recently. I already sent a ticket about it to lift the 30 days suspension on him, as it does not make sense at all.

    PS, why use a newly created account and character to make this thread? Afraid to reveal your main account are we?

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    Lesson from this is don't make alts just to insult someone, you won't get away from responsibility by making alts.
    You're save from player wanting to know who you are or your guild but not for GM.

    Next time try to be more civil in game,
    insult, slander and harassment is never accepted in any MMORPG.

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    Reporting someone without proof is also an act of harassment, If you are saying is true that you have strong connections with GM's as MOD of the game is it right to pick on a rival guild and ban their members for they don't fit your liking? WHERES THE JUSTICE in that? Is this how you eliminate competition? As i have been saying in-game. If you have bad feelings about us accept the war and stop banning and reporting our members.



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    >Reporting someone without a proof

    He/She listed all proofs of DonCantoni harassing others.

    >you have strong connections with GM's as MOD of the game is it right to pick on a rival guild and ban their members for they don't fit your liking?

    The thing is, he didn't get banned for nothing, he got banned for harssing/spamming the shoutbox. That's against the rules and if you didn't know that please check out this link
    Just a life advice but you should stop blaming your own faults on others and should look to reform yourself into a better person in reference to your mistakes. SkillSwitch claims that the allianced guilds report it to reduce competition. No, firstly thats not possible. If that were true, majority of your members would be banned. Secondly, your members get banned because you flood shout with lies/insults/false accusations and that is a reportable offense as stated in the link above. We frankly do not care about where we end up in ranks, we don't care if you kill us in PK channel, also we have never started any fights on shout, ever. We only stayed civil in defense to your derrogatory comments. You guys are the ones that care/cry in shoutbox when you guys get killed in PK and MT.

    > If you have bad feelings about us accept the war and stop banning and reporting our members.

    As I have continued to have stated, we do not care for PK or war, it can happen or not. However, your members are not allowed to harass our members in any way possible. We have never started a shoutfight or have said anything remotely close to "SkillSwitch sucks" or something insulting, everytime it is somone from your guild crying about getting killed in PK. Well don't farm in PK if you don't want to be killed. Pretty simple and straightforward concept. Also, just because you grew up in a toxic community, does not mean you should create one for others who are trying to enjoy this game. As I have stated numerous amount of times before, players cannot be falsely banned.


    Here's proof from one of our member's ticket.
    This means that it was indeed DonCantoni doing the harassment *Screenshot of Harssment:
    and all his account has now been permanently banned. Also please stop blaming/accusing everything on me or my guild or my alliance. It is my duty as alliance leader to watch over not only my guild but our allianced guild too so I will not tolerate any harssment towards anyone under it. Watch what you say from now on and have a nice day.
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    Hey my seller acc is ok. u said its alr get banned? r u making stories? hahaha. i know u guys is just spamming tickets on me? that picture of "ImAFckingSeller" is a days ago before i get banned yesterday hahaha. have a fair fight tho. we can meet anywhere just pm me ill be there. banning others/spamming tickets cant make u guys win a game. and i know myself im that whos trolling mincu*****. i admit im the "bambambam" and the "ImAfckingSeller" but it happened when i got my first ban then i stop alr. y just guys keep sending tickets from time to time to get me out of the game.

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    It's not the reporter fault to report violation of rule, on the other hand it is a service for the community.
    Keep in line within the rules and we will do just fine.

    It looks like you've been warned before, they did gave you a chance and it's unfortunate you cast that chance away.

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    Chance? my laptop is on repair shop on that day. so y accuse me that i did that? please check bro. they just spamming tickets when they know that i my acc got up. they just give me 1 day to play with it. 2 consecutive bans (the second and the last)? do u think ill do that for my acc? please have some consideration.. thankyou

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