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Thread: Comprehensive Guide to Luna 101

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    That's odd. They must've removed it. My bad I removed that information from tips. I thought I saw someone say it but I'm not really a pet guy so >.<'

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    Quote Originally Posted by HlROSUKE View Post
    Thank you! I added this and added your name in the credit list at the bottom.
    Thank you too. We'll add more info as our guide progress. And clear a few inaccuracy if there are some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharmisty View Post
    This is nice. I would like to contribute a few info on farming and livestock.

    • Once you purchase your farm, you need to pay its weekly tax. The fee is depending on how much you upgraded your farm. The higher your farm upgrades are, the higher the fee. (In-depth info for this is still WIP)

    • To get the high grade fruit from crops, you need to watch out for the crop's HP. The higher the HP when you harvest it, the better. Organic Fertilizers restores more HP than Chemical Fertilizers.
    • The highest grade fruits will guarantee 1 cooking ingredient and it's depending on which seed or crop it is. (This one is also included in our WIP in-depth guide)
    • In order to plant higher level seeds, you need to upgrade your farm's plot.

    • You need to have Cleaning Tools (sold by Fishing NPC) and Animal Feeds (can be obtained by crafting) to keep your livestock from running away.
    • Having around 90% of their Satisfaction will increase your chance of getting a high grade livestock's produce.
    • Upgrading your farm's barn can give you a boost on your livestock's starting Satisfaction and Attention.

    add to farming:
    You can put the seed, fertilizer, and harvest item in your hotkey; this will make it faster. Click the mud and make sure be near it and then press the designated hotkey. Farming is the fastest way to gain the required tax item.
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