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Thread: [November 13th, 2017] Patch Notes - Level Cap Increase, Pet Changes, and Bugfixes

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    Default [November 13th, 2017] Patch Notes - Level Cap Increase, Pet Changes, and Bugfixes

    Greetings Bluelanders!

    Here are the details for today's patch:


    • 1 Star - 4 Star pets have had all stats improved greatly.
    • The stat changes affect lower level pets much more significantly than high level pets
    • Specifics are available in the Luna Discord group.

    • Movespeed bonus is increased
    Item Name Old New
    Wing Lv.1 2.5% 3%
    Wing Lv.2 5% 6%
    Wing Lv.3 7.5% 9%
    Wing Lv.4 10% 12%

    Warrior Form
    • No longer requires a one-handed weapon to use.
    • Now requires a two-handed weapon to use.

    Content Update

    Level Cap
    • Level Cap has been increased to 80
    New Maps
    • Level 75 - 85 Maps are now available.
    Map Name Level Range
    Fairy Valley 75-80
    Grave of the Knights 80-85

    New Dungeons
    • Spirited Woods (Hard, and TOP) now available

    New Crafting Recipes
    • Level 71-85 Craftables now available

    • All forms of trade have been restricted to level 25.
    • This is to prevent abuse of giftcodes and of the cashshop by creating infinite alt characters to get theoretically infinite reward.

    Bug Fixes
    • Spirited Woods issues have been fixed.
    • Certain skills having incorrect damage values is now correct.
    • Localization errors have been resolved.
    • Housing bugs have been fixed

    EXP Values are being looking into for an upcoming Patch

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    why change the warrior form ZZ worst change ever zzz

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    Worst change ever warrior form need two hand now tskk

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    where is the patch??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energordo2jjB40 View Post
    where is the patch??
    If you start the game it downloads automatically ?_?

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    I start the game & client shuts down, So where is the patch? SERIOUSLY??

    FIX your Client!! Mine is a fresh install & did not have issues until you "Patched" / "Fixed it"

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    Hi, well, i don't have issues with the patch, but i have a request. I think there is a bad skill settings with Cleric's "Holy Strike"(2nd Class), because it makes less damage than lvl 5 fireball (1st class mage skill). I believe it doesn't make sence , because holy strike is a 2nd class skill, so need to be more powerful!.
    I know clerics are more "support" but, really? i have the holy strike skill lvl +3 (i'm in lvl 31) and still making less damage than the fireball ( i had this skill from mage lvl 1 - 20 ).
    Thank for u attention and sorry for my bad english! i believe in u guys i really like Luna...
    Pd: please fix soon the exp needed per lvl, because is sick.

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