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Thread: Cant Get The Latest Patch

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    Default Cant Get The Latest Patch

    i usually play from steam and before 13th nov maintenance there is no problem and i can play, but after 13th nov 2017 maintenance and update i facing problem, after the 13th nov patch update the executer.exe always pop out when i open the launcher, i tried to using verify game files features from steam and the result is executer.exe wont pop out anymore but i facing the new problem that says " Server and Client are different, please patch your game" i've already check and verify the game files but it wont work, its always says like that but there is no patch on the launcher, even i try to redownload and reinstall, its still the same i cant play.

    i try to play from standalone client that i download from the luna website, and i facing the same problem. please help me i just want to paly

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    same , me too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiehadroid6ppte View Post
    same , me too
    please someone help us

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    Use Force, Luke!

    And don't post same thing in different Subforums -_-

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