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Thread: Patch broken!

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    Angry Patch broken!

    Great "PATCH" Now Start client opens then closes even if given admin privileges.. and Do not tell me some BS that its me!
    I have an AMD 8 core 4ghz 16 gig ram 4 gig DEDICATED Video with 12GB Shared Via Ram on a 124MB a sec Optical cable internet. I also run a SSD 256GB HDD and the game worked fine until After your so called "PATCH". FIX your !&(#$ plz..

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    at first im getting caption: FailedRunClient, what i did is run the launcher as administrator. now i had the same problem, im crashing sometimes when entering channel.

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    fix client please!!!!

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    What's exactly your problem guys? Any screenshots of error? Are there any error? or the game just closes?

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