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Thread: General Domo Discord

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    Lightbulb General Domo Discord

    Anyone is invited and welcomed. Lately domo has been slow and teaming has gone down hill and happen rarely. Lets break that and just make this community better and give it an opportunity to grow.

    any ideas, concerns, or opinions are welcomed

    If the link expires or is invalid somehow, please let me know. - Superstarstrike
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    Try teaming in flexible way, not always 6-man party

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    IGN : oriha (Lv 75 Blademaster - Lv 70 Thief Hunter Mercenary Witch Doctor)
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    IGN : Elegant.Sprite (Alchemy Helper)

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    This is now recognized as Domo's main discord, but ran by players.
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    If something is perfect, it doesn't exist. Therefore, we need to face reality and set expectations accordingly.

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    Feel free to drop a question, though I am mostly limited to DOMO related content.

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