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Thread: Exp scrolls giving wrong exp bonus

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    Default Exp scrolls giving wrong exp bonus

    i noticed many days ago, when i bought my firsts 10x Exp scrolls 50%, that when i used it in Howling Ravine, it was giving wrong bonuses. The Exp base, without bonuses are like 5 -5,2k, when i use it, the bonus goes to 5,7 - 5,9k. It was to ve 7,5 - 7,7k at least being 50%. the exp scrolls by 30% and 50% is giving wrong Bonuses, please, fix it. I feel abit disapointed of buying 10 Exp scrolls for nothing =/

    link with the exp using 50%

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    server is at x3 rates and scrolls are additive what makes 5k exp be 300%. if you add your 50% to it it becames 350%. (5000/3)*3.5 = 5800

    that is what GM says

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    Quote Originally Posted by RindouSenpai View Post
    I have 300% extra atm and still i just get about 33% more. I.o.w. the xp boosts are off by a factor 10.
    50% scrolls result in 5% not some miracle formula the developer claims, the boosts are just wrong period.

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