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    Are you new to this game?
    Life in real giving you stress, and just want to enjoy some quality times making online friends in a MMOrpg?
    Can't find a suitable team to go out and explore this wonderful world in Lucent Heart?
    Can't find the perfect answer to most of your questions about the game?
    Confused about the game itself and how things run around?
    Looking for a guild to settle down and feel yourself at home, or bored with your current one due to inactivity and just feeling "out of place"?


    Xx_Justice_xX is warmly welcoming all the newcomers and even the old veterans to join the family and make it even more bigger!

    Why join our guild?

    1. We provide a newcomer with everything needed to kickoff their journey and train them all the way to be the best player around in the game.
    2. We do annual guild related events where we give out many rare items, dance and as well as IM related premium goodies such as pets, outfits and wonderful mounts.
    3. We go by the view of teamworking, since the main reason behind playing a MMORPG is play in a team and enjoy the adventure together. We grind dungeons and farm rare items together as well and help players with whatever they need for a battle.
    4. We are currently one of the top 10 guilds in Guild VS Guild ranking on Lucent Heart. (Press "N" in game to check the billboard feature)
    5. We have a big discord server as well, where you can hangout during your offtimes and enjoy with other members there.
    6. Our guild is currently two years old, so expect to face some strict measure when abiding any rules.
    7. Lastly, but not least.....all our members here are fun loving creatures, friendliest/funniest/craziest ones you will ever find and you will get to meet some of the sweetest Staffs and Master in the game!

    To join or ask about anything guild related, please contact in game: Taisuko(Founder), AkenoHimejima_RL(Master), MistressOfChaos(Vicemaster), ||Orrivu||(Chief Of Staff), Faizi(Chief Of Staff), Misanthropic(Chief Of Staff).
    Discord ID's: Taisuko(
    ???*?????*????? f??????????????# 4372) MistressOfChaos(SilentScream# 0272), Misanthropic(Misanthropic# 0125), AkenoHimejima_RL(AkenoHimejima# 0034), Faizi(Faizi# 3117). Note: Please don't put space between "#" and the numbers. Also, give us least 12hrs to reach to your messages, as one could be busy in real hence try messaging different staffs to catch the one who is online during that time.
    Join us now and fight in the name of Justice!!!!
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    As a member of Justice. I highly agree ^^

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    I'd Be Glad to help my guild with all i can.
    anytime, and I'm mostly online if you need any help.
    Justices opens his arms to you :3
    we have a furry lovable person xD

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    Is this guild still around?
    I know it's only been 2 weeks and 3 days but, sometimes guilds fall apart before 1 month.
    So, I wanted to know if I could finally download and play Lucent Heart again after all these years and actually have friends to play with!
    I've always been kind of hesitant to download LH because I thought activity for this game dropped a buttload

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    Hello ! The guild is around and have discord too. .

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    Hey there, MrAddison. Good to see you taking an interest on Lucent Heart again. We'd welcome you in our guild warmly, and it'll be an honour to have you in our family. You might/not see some old faces in our guild, but then again it's always great to make new friends! ^_^ Oh, and no... This guild is two years old now, and the only surviving old guilds amongst others. I just recently had the idea of announcing the guild recruitment here on forum, since not too many people plays this game anymore and I thought I might find some old players here who might wanna tryout this game again and guess what? Few actually came back. ^^

    Anyways, you can find us on discord and please feel free to leave a message in any of our discord ids mentioned above. One of our COS will get to you as soon as they can and recruit in the game. With that said, take care and hoping to see you back in the game again~ ^^

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    I want to join if it's still available of course T-T I'm not a newcomer but I didn't play the game probably bcs all my friend didn't like it and it was difficult to play alone so ... consider me as a newcomer XD

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