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Thread: Closed beta wipe?

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    It's worse. The devs vanished 2 weeks ago. It's like they took the money and ran ;o.

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    Question is, WHY would you put money in a closed beta when 99% of the time they are WIPED?
    This is a fact in EVERY closed beta I have ever played in my 15 years of playing mmorpg games.
    It is not there fault you where stupid enough to put money in a closed beta, Did you learn from this?

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    THANK YOU for your kind donation into Suba games, putting money in a closed beta acting like you did not know that most closed beta's are wiped clear to make it fair for everyone, Your Contribution is appreciated..

    P.S I am not from Suba but this is FUNNY AS HELL!

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    Excuse me, but the Steam Store Page makes no mention that the game is in Closed Beta or Early Access. It has the appearance of a fully launched game. Anyone browsing to the page with no knowledge of the game would not know any better than to assume that the game is fully launched. Upon playing it, if they enjoy it a bit and spend some money, they would not know about any sort of wipe as there is no indication of this. It would only be later when they want to start browsing the discussion board and write a review that they'd learn about these things. At that point, their money is already gone.

    I'd call it a scam.

    Also, by definition, this game is not in closed beta. It is in open beta with a wipe and no mention of a wipe. By the Steam Store Page presentation, the game is fully launched.

    Make no mistake that this company has ignored tickets and threads about these issues. At this point, left with no other recourse due to the company taking all of the money and running for it, people are reporting the product and trying to get Steam involved to stop this and potentially remove the product from the Steam Store + get refunds.

    You may find them scamming people to be funny, but I don't think that it is.

    If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself and tell me where the "Early Access" portion ->

    You can feel free to tell me exactly where on the Store Page they mention that the game is in Beta or that they are planning any sort of wipe. Feel free to look in the game itself. You may see a small popup saying that people that buy from the cash shop will get a mount, but you'll also still find information on the home page that their kickstarter is still active, meaning that the popup in-game could very well be out of date considering the conflicting information on the store page.

    It was through all of this conflicting information that I began to personally have doubts about whether "closed beta" ever actually ended. I found an old news post stating that they would continue, but didn't find any post of an actual launch. This confused me more since the Store Page showed that the game was launched. At this point I dug through all of the threads on the discussion board to get to the bottom of what was happening, which is when I finally found out that the game was actually in an open beta with a wipe.
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    Yes, because of the Steam Store Page, it's inevitable some people spent money on it without knowing about it being beta with a planned wipe. It’s like hiding stuff in fine print, I guess. I know there's always some sort of risk when supporting a game, but it's definitely worthy to take up to Steam to see how they feel about it.
    I’ve never been involved with Steam’s support before. I do hope, like Kerosh said, that people have been communicating clearly to both the company and Steam to report on what’s going on. A change is clearly needed somewhere.

    Has a similar incident happened in the past with any other games?

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    You can help too. I sent an email to Suba Games Support (the publisher).

    The more of us that send an email to the publisher + flag the game on Steam, the more likely Steam and Suba Games are going to look at this.

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