greetings, i started to play to GA some days ago. the game is awesome and far from pay-to-win concept.

i already accepted the idea to lose all my progress after closed-beta, but i would like to know what developers think to do about Fatigue and skills' levelling system. i'm not willing to start a lame topic, simply i would like to get some coherent answers.

in my opinion, Fatigue "as-it-is" doesn't work at all. it's ridiculous to run out of Fatigue after 30 minutes (4-5 dungeons). other than that, you should not expect players to stop for hours and/or "pay" real money to play more.

silly alternatives:
#1: gain Fatigue by playing Daily Missions
#2: gain Fatigue by making gifts/support other friends (ie: Farmville, on Facebook)
#3: gain Fatigue by thanking your team-mates
#4: gain extra-Fatigue by unlocking achievements (ie: Rival Fire, on Android)
... and so on.

seriously, i have been playing to Rival Fire almost every day (2-3 hours) for 2 years, and i have never exhausted my Energy (Fatigue) bar.

again, i intend to highlight the fact that players already have to level up some skills by spending experience points. for not speaking about the almost ridiculously small amount of credits given by some missions; this is why i end up into Arena/s ahead time (i have not a proper equipment for PvP, yet).

last thing: let us create our own guild at lower level (actually it's 30). higher levels doesn't mean skilled and friendly players. on the contrary that means more self-important players that can not ever imagine what a guild/clan stands for.

thanks for your attention.