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Thread: Report Localization Issues Here!

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    Default Report Localization Issues Here!

    Hey guys,

    This thread is for those who wish to help us make changes to the localization. We're still testing and playing through the game ourselves to find more things that can be changed, but with some help from the community, we can get through it a lot faster.

    Want to assist us with this project? Here's a simple example of the best way to help:

    First step: Include a screenshot of the localization in question. We'd also greatly appreciate it if you cropped the text that requires fixing:

    Yep! That's basically it! Our GM Team will do our best to polish up the localization. That's what we need at bare minimum. If you'd like to submit your own recommendation of what the fix should be, feel free to include your proposal. You never know, you might find some of your own work in the game!

    If you have any questions or even encounter things such as missing localization such as in the example below, please let us know in this thread as well:

    Thank you all in advance!

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    When 'clearing' an 'embedded' skill effect on a weapon, this text shows (also weird text in confirmation message)
    (Embed a skill on weapon with 'Skill Scroll Level 1' and then remove it with 'Clear Skill Attributes Scroll 1')

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    I just found out today that the Quest to collect Amethysts in the Wilderness never shows up in 'available' quests. That's why I was always so far behind in exp, tho I did every single quest and event like others D:
    I suppose this is a bug? Here's the quest (after accepting at the wildy npc):


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    I posted these in the Bugs Section, but I'll post these here too:

    • When an occupied obelisk in the wilderness is leveling up from level 2 to 3, it says it's leveling up to level 6 instead of level 3. Also the time is wrong when it says "leveling up in 43:50" or something. Atleast for level 1 to 2 it was, as it said it would level up in 40-45min, but it leveled up in 5-10min already.

    • Castle bug update: at level 40 it said you could enter it, but we didn't know how. But the mystery has been solved, you actually can't enter it until lvl 45, instead of lvl 40.

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    Daily Missions Bug


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