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    Default Announcement - What's happening now and what to expect

    Hello everyone,

    This is a post that we hope will give a lot more clarity to the game so that players know exactly what we're working on, what we're wishing to implement as well as what can be expected in the future in point form.

    Here are some issues that we were aware of before launching into Closed Beta:

    1. Localization issues. We're constantly running through the localization to make changes and improvements. Global Adventures is a Chinese game translated to English. We hope to have localization that is much more polished by the release date of Open beta. Furthermore, your help will be much appreciated in our quest to better Global Adventures' localization. For any localization error you have spotted, we would appreciate if you can report the issue in this thread here:
    2. We are aware there is voice synchronization in the CGI cutscenes. Unfortunately, as this was originally a Chinese game and the development team didn't bother mapping the mouth movements to English. In fact, our team tried to combat this as much as possible by editing the CGI videos ourselves to try and sync up the audio with the mouths as it used to be 10 times worse. That was a project that took us a couple months to do. We understand the current sync is not perfect, but please understand we did very thing possible to get it to current state. While re-creating the videos to map mouth movements is not an option at present time, it could be an option further down the road assuming that revenue generated from the title allows for such investment.
    3. There's some remaining subtitles that are in game that are showing up during certain in-game cutscenes. We originally intended to remove it as the timing of the subtitles was way off from the English voice acting. The removal of subtitles is a temporary fix. There will eventually be subtitles adjusted to the appropriate timing.
    4. We're working on resizing the UI and fix anything graphics wise that still has Chinese characters on them.
    5. We've been aware of the issue where sometimes you would log in and there would be no legs. You can fix this by relogging back in. We believe this is an issue due to a small discrepancy in the update files but it is mere speculation at this point until we determine the root cause of this issue. In the meantime, feel free to joke about it with us as our GM Team gets a real KICK out of it.

    Here are some things we wish to implement in the near future:

    1. Pricing changes. We're looking into making changes that would make a lot more sense and we hope to have them sometime this week. For the early supporters that have assisted with testing the item mall thus far, rest assured that compensation will be provided for previous purchases.
    2. We are looking into a couple of structural changes to help players get through the game easier. Some examples are properly showing players that they need to claim the dungeon reward from Hukou ruins before they can proceed with the story. Also perhaps implementing a pop-up menu that explains that when players are stuck, they should use the auto-pathing on the missions menu to take them to their next destination.
    3. We are looking into ways to improve the voice acting of the game. A lot of the voice acting was recorded with little to no context of what is going on at that point in the game. We feel that Global Adventures is a game that isn't to be taken seriously but we also feel that better voice acting in certain areas will greatly improve the quality of the game. In fact, aside from the voice actors hired for voice acting, one of our team member have made a special presence in some of the voices in the High Priest cutscene!

    Closed Beta's purpose is to basically give players a look at the game and hopefully gather enough feedback to make several changes and tweaks by the time we're ready to launch into Open Beta. Here are some things you can expect once we launch into Open beta:

    1. Players that play enough of Closed beta will be given free rewards as special thanks once Open beta launches
    2. Additionally, players that help us test cash shop by spending $25 will be rewarded with an exclusive Gold Fish mount that won't be obtainable via other means.
    3. Level Cap will be increased to Level 55 with more missions that will be available
    4. Secret Castle system will be available to players. Secret Castle is a RTS system where players build a castle complete with deadly traps and monsters to defend from other invading players. You can then also invade other players in order to mine valuable resources, including silver coins, and even exact revenge on those who successfully raided yours!

    Just one final reminder that there WILL be a data wipe once Closed Beta has concluded. Yes this includes items purchased in cash shop. Players that purchase items during the Closed Beta phase do so to assist with our testing. For any players that spent $25 or above, we reward players that use the cash shop during Closed Beta with a permanent gold fish mount that is exclusively available during Closed Beta period. Another reason for the wipe is that we suspect that there will be many changes to the game's structure and balance once we are ready for Open beta launch. There will be new systems that players can enjoy as well.

    We hope this managed to answer a lot of your questions and our team would be happy to answer anymore of your questions and concerns. We'd like to thank you all for your feedback and for those submitting bug reports. Whether it's positive or negative feedback, it's things that help us towards getting a more published product for players to play.

    Thank you all for your support.

    Best Regards,

    GM ZenDragoon

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    Nice announcement , good to know. For me audio sync is not that big of a deal, doesn't ruin anything, but i couldn't belive it would be so difficult and time taking to modify. Also the voice acting as it is now, is funny as hell, i hope you guys will still keep that sense of humour, like even with the random lines that makes no sense, it does, idk ) funny as hell.
    Some items needs to be explained like you have no ideea how to use them or what it does..
    Although i'm not rushing for open beta, i'd like to hang around more in CB.
    Good job so far with the game, hope it gains players in open beta

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    The audio desync was so bad at one point that some npc's dialogue was either (1) So desynced that the other NPC starts talking before they finish speaking (2) Spoken so rapidly fast that human ears can't comprehend what they were saying. We even had to request retakes from the studio. We learned an awful lot about video editing and audio engineering over the past year to fix the issue without assistance from the developers.

    As it stands, the game is not intended to be taken seriously. We've embraced the potential meme culture of the game and we hope that everyone can laugh along with us. Heck, I even made this:

    GM_Spooky is the best person to ask about items as he has sunk countless hours into game testing so he might be able to assist with that.
    As for Open Beta, we'd really like to add a lot more polish to the game and sort out the systems that definitely need fixing. We're looking at ways to make it worth players time for sticking around for Closed Beta and as well to come back when Open beta launches. Nevertheless, I am really glad that you're with us on this journey. It may not be the smoothest but we'd definitely want to do all we can to make it one to remember.

    Thank you once again,
    GM ZenDragoon

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