Time & Date: approx. 9:45 a.m. CST on January 4, 2018

Description: Full Screen mode scales larger than resolution.

Steps to recreate bug: After logging onto a character, access the Settings through the Menu and set the Screen Mode to Full Screen and click "Confirm." Screen should immediately apply new settings.

Other Information: When I did this, I was stuck with the upper left corner of the screen and could not reach the bottom bar or see any windows (like an equipment and inventory windows) when opened since they usually open at the center-most area. Reinstalling did not work, so I acquired help in messing with the "display mode value" in the game's system.config folder from "3840x2160" to "1280x600"--the smallest setting possible just to specifically fit in the bottom bar of the game on my laptop.

Log-in screen after applying Full Screen mode in-game... https://imgur.com/vpCbr9x
Paired with original Display Mode Value... https://imgur.com/zSgb5rC
How Log-in screen appeared size-wise with altered D.M.V.... https://imgur.com/upCpKwV
Altered D.M.V. in the folder... https://imgur.com/CfxLpGa