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    Lightbulb Suggestions

    ~~~ My Suggestion List ~~~

    • Please remove the immobalization from automatic guns. It's so OP.
      Getting hit by a bullet immobilizes you for 2seconds and you can only dodge with invincibility/invulnerability skill or by rolling/dodging. But you'll easily get hit by another bullet after then again. This makes melee weapons SO useless sometimes in PvP. And in PvE it's also OP. You can literally stand still and the enemy monster can't even move. That's just broken.
      It's better if it would apply a slow instead. Machine gun: 10% slow, an arrow: 20% slow, sniper rifle: 40% slow (it's so hard to hit with it and so easy to dodge). And instead of a 2 seconds debuff, 0,5 or 1 second. Would be SO much better.

    • You've probably heard it from a lot of players already, but the fatigue system is really bad ~~~ hope it could be removed. Only because it's bugged makes it OK-ish to work with at high level (dungeons are 36-54 fatigue at stages 20-22...).

    • A VIP system is OK, but I'd rename to like Bronze/Silver/Gold VIP or something. Because VIP 1 - 10 is very famous with hard Pay2Win games and will give a very bad impression. So different name for it, and less 'levels'. Smaller buffs too, like 1-20% EXP/Gold buff.
      Also a nice thing to do, is to give bonus rewards upon spending your first 1$ or something, this is very appealing to a lot of players and opens up a gateway to more likely spend more money :).

    • Guild level requirement down to level 20. The monsters in the wilderness are level 30, but many features in the wilderness & guild scene require level 2/3 guild (i.e. obelisk), which takes a few days to get. At level 20~30 things may be harder, but atleast you can prepare and kill the waiting time while you are leveling towards 30. This might also be fun for people who like to PK.

    • Talking about that, dying in wilderness should be a less of a punishment, as it's very hard to get wilderness tickets. Yes, you start with 5. But you can only get 1 from a daily quest or for 100 tribute (10000 gold coins) in guild shop. As the community is rather small right now it's OK-ish with the rewards from Arena, but with more players, wilderness and PvP wouldn't be a fun experience.
      Would maybe be better if you could respawn for free after a minute or 2 with a 5-10 min debuff.
      And instead of 100 tribute for a wilderness ticket, like 10-30 tribute plus 5k Y coins or something.

    • Also, it'd be better if the requirement of 10 gold nodes for a daily wilderness quest, is reduced to 5, but maybe dropped in the wilderness when killed by a player. (Not make it unbound, as then you could maybe store them or trade them, etc.).
      Makes the quest less boring and more exciting.

    • The leveling should also be easier at higher levels. After level 35 it becomes really hard to level up. Sometimes you can only level once in a day. Mostly because of the main storyline level requirement suddenly requires you to be 3 or 4 levels higher than your current level. This is really hard to do without the main story line quest exp and the higher level dungeons requiring a huge amount of fatigue.

    • Mystery Shop. Right now mostly high-priced (useless) items that make it look like it's a pay2win cash shop. I hope for in the future more cosmetics could be added, but I know that that's ofcourse not easy to just add in a short time. But maybe also things like an item that you could buy to create a guild instead of using Y coins, that's more fair instead if just indirectly buying Y coins. Currently I don't have much ideas but I hope you understand what I'm talking about.

    So far the game has been a really great experience and I love it. Upon that it could improve a lot, I have a lot of good expectations and hopes for the game, especially with the nice GM staff, I just hope for more/easier communication with the staff, especially on updates (like what has been updated during random maintenances, just so we know what has changed and we can check it out! :)) and maybe also the Dev's personal mindset on the future of Global Adventures.
    A discord would be great and easy for this, for both players and staff! :)

    Great game and keep up the good work! ~~~


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    • An EU server! There are so many EU players and playing with 200ping constantly is surprisingly OK for the most part but it gets annoying sometimes when fighting bosses or doing PvP/Arena.

    • A tank and/or healing class or one that's both, like a cleric or priest. I know this might be hard to make compatible with PvP, but maybe skills like 5% heal per sec to nearby enemies (20m), maybe bonus heals if they're out of combat/not being attacked. Maybe like skills that give speed buff or anti-debuff to nearby allies, and so on. Just an idea, would be cool.
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