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Thread: Harmony - A brand-new guild, recruiting!

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    Red face Harmony - A brand-new guild, recruiting!

    We may not be perfect, but we are together.

    Founded January 10th, 2018 - we're a guild looking to take on the mirror world.

    What we are
    - Leveling/(eventually) raiding oriented
    - Open to anyone, no matter your situation
    - Fresh and ready for some bright new faces!

    What we have to offer
    - Alchemy services
    - Discord
    - A guild website

    If a new start sounds appealing, consider whispering Skye, Ayiana, Raithos, Emarkyu, or Aylus in-game.
    I don't have anything fancy for this... yet.
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    Meep Meep just thought I would check it out

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    A new start?
    Yes please.
    I've been looking everywhere for an MMORPG to play WITH a friendly guild.
    And as this is a new guild, this would be perfect!
    I'm going to download DOMO and make a new character soon!
    I may be new to DOMO, but when I'm with a friendly group, it makes it all better for me :3
    Could you PM me your Discord please?

    I really do love the cuteness and things with DOMO
    I really want to be a part of this new guild!

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    Hey everyone sorry I haven't been able to get on at the moment I don't have A computer that can run domo but ill be back as soon as i can or any time i go to my bothers

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