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Thread: Still worth getting into?

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    Default Still worth getting into?

    Old Airrivals player here, nostalgia kept making me try finding similar games, so I'm tempted to just go full yolo and get back into the game I've been craving for to begin with. Is it still worth getting into the game or is it hard to reach a competitive level now or is the game kinda dead?

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    Easy and quick to get 102, 102 is like what being a topgun in SCO/AR was. You may want 106 for IG. 110 is the common level nowadays.

    If you do not level to 110 you will be outmatched by those who are in terms of equips 109 WP armor, 110 NGC weapons, DPH, HP, EVA, DEF, engine, stats points. If you try to go war at low level without upgraded armor you will die as soon as somebody locks you.

    Your main issue with getting to a proper pvp level is time: getting 110 and making 110 weapons. 102-110 is mindless grinding and caring far too much about crystals. Crafting 110 weapons takes ages too, or even getting them for that matter. However with a pc that has decent fps in wars (for this game...) and some skill you can yes pvp at lower then the common player level.

    Camp warehouse wait for something to happen or grind. It's really unbalanced now as far as time zones go-night vs day pacific time. It is yes still very fun as long as it's not a one sided fight due to numbers. We really don't have fun bark/id/barren wars with numbers on both sides anymore just random ganking and small fights in combat zone grind maps. I would not say it's dead people just only go anywhere if they get wps at the end of sp/base.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xdragawnxh6YrYY View Post
    Is it still worth getting into the game or is it hard to reach a competitive level now or is the game kinda dead?
    It depends. The grinding as mentioned is very easy. If you played AR during the later years, it might seem rough to get mobs in HP, but since there's a 1000% HH until 110, even a few is huge. Equipment is hard though, and SPI is about useless. And although free-to-play is still a lot slower, enchatning is less expensive than AR since the e-prots are in the shop. Hyper prots are ungodly expensive in comparison, but you are still able to get stuff to a decent enchant level much more easily.

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