Maintenance has now concluded and players may now log back in. We have applied a patch. See the following notes:

-We had listened to players concerns and made changes to the VIP system to make it more accessible as well as make sure that we steer as far away from Pay-to-Win as much as possible. Those changes are by greatly reducing the cost of obtaining VIP cards. Players may also buy a VIP card once a day with just silver and we have VIP cards that can be bought for gold that offer different amounts of VIP points. Because we lowered the cash shop pricing and made changes to the VIP system, we had also recently sent out Suba Point reimbursements to make up for the difference.
-We have made it more accessible for players to recover their fatigue by greatly lowering the pricing of fatigue potions and making it significantly easier to acquire. It can now be bought with bound coins and silver coins. Hopefully this should alleviate the system being an inconvenience to players.
-Changed the default setting of Vertical Sync to disabled.
-Fixed bug that prevented players from buying an item from another player's shop stall
-Fixed bug where players couldn't setup what items that they would like to buy via their own shop stall
-Fixed bug where trying to buy Mysterious Object from the Black Market NPC results in an error
-Fixed bug where players couldn't claim the blue chest rewards from the Dungeon Historical Ranking Reward.
-Fixed several various localization issues